Getting adobe XD working on Linux (plus passthrough stuff)

Hello there!

I got quite a bit into design recently. I’m almost finished with designing one project, but then there are many issues that arose. I have to reboot into Windows to do the designs, which is simply annoying. The other, more important issue is that even when I finish a project, I can’t access the dimensions, relations and colours easily. Perhaps there is a piece of software that would make that easier from pdf or png files?

Since as far as I know, nobody got it working with Wine, so I tried running it on Virtualbox. However, I’m out of luck again. It gives me the following error:

So it looks like my only option is to do a GPU passthrough for Virtualbox, so I have a few questions. My hardware is an i7 8770 and an RX590.

  1. Can I do the pass for my Intel GPU and just use XD with it, whilst using the RX for everything else?
  2. Is there a way to do it without Synergy?
  3. Is switching between OSes only done through a monitor input change?
  4. If I pass the RX, will I have to use my Intel GPU everywhere else?

I dont have a straight yes to you, but if then this might get you started:

Also iommu groups for your motherboard might be an issue.

  1. Looking glass? Or Remote desktop.
  2. Or Looking glass?
  3. Unless you want to restart your screen session when you unbind stuff.
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