Getting A New Mobo

Hello, i am thinking of getting an SSD sometime soon. but my motherboard is only SATA2. What is a good Motherboard for $100 or under? I have a AMD FX 6100, GTX 770, 1tb HDD, Define R4 case. I was looking at the MSI 970A-G43 AMD, but wanted somebodies opinion. Right now i have a MSI 760GM-P34 FX.

Other than more expansion slots USB 3, since my HDD is Sata3, would it preform faster?

Will all of that said, is it even worth getting a new one?

The speed difference between Sata 2 and Sata 3 is minimal. But if you want a new board:

Forgot to say, i only have 1600MHz Memory


But what is the difference in the 2 boards?

MSI 970A-G43


I want to try to save money if possible


The MSi doesn't have have any VRM heatsinks, so if you're overclocking it's going to overheat, if you're not overclocking go for the MSI.

If you are going to buy an upgrade mobo at least get a 'upgrade',and stay away from MSI AM3+ motherboards.

Whats your budget?

$100 or below (Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0 ATX AM3+ Motherboard)

Digital 6+2 Phase Power Design + hefty heatsinks allround for overclocking

990x chipset 

6 sata iii 6gb/s

Onboard USB 3.0 Header

Crossfire and Sli ready 

 e sata 6gb/s 

Upto 2133mhz ram support

Compatable and bios updated out the box for all AM3+ cpu's