Getting a new cpu + mobo

Hello there good people of Tek Syndicate!


I currently got a i3 2120 and a 7870. I'm thinking about getting a new cpu cause I sometimes notice a few framedrops in games (fallout new vegas, bf3, GTA and minecraft).


I was thinking about getting the fx-8320 and a 990fx motherboard to go with it. I already got a hyper 212 evo so I don't have to bother with the sucky stock AMD cooler. Im just wondering though, is this enough? I have the money to get a i5 4670k, or even an i7 if I wanted, just not sure it's worth spending that much though.

So now for the important questions:

I play minecraft, fallout and in the future Dayz standalone and maybe BF4.

Is the 8320 better than an i5 for Dayz? Seeing how it's an open world game and has more "cores" 

Is the 8320 good enough for the games I play/want to play? Im looking to play most games on mid-high settings for the future.

Will the 8320 play up 1080p without lag/hacking? I watch a ton of movies and sometimes notices frames getting frozen from my i3 not being able to keep up.

Is the 8320 in anyway futureproof? Surely it'll be better than my i3, but weren't they scrapping the am3+ platform?

save your money and get an i5 like this and put it on the motherboard you have.  My friend upgraded form an i3 2100 to a i7 3770k on a similar motherboard and it worked just fine.  You won't be able to overclock but it is a good way to maximize your performance per dollar.