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Getting a Job at NASA/Thanks for being great!


That’s fantastic.

If this is true then you are a living proof that confirms it is possible to get a decent job without having university degree. My teacher at Uni once told us that if you don’t get 1st or 2nd class BSc then you will end up working in McDonalds. I didn’t find it funny back then.

However I’m shocked that such a high profile place chose someone without any qualifications or certs. I want to work as Sys admin at Cern and their requirements are way above my level. MSc or PhD in Computer Science or equivalent experience is what they want.

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Great news ! Glad you got what you wanted.

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Do not be fooled. Outcomes like these are the exception, not the rule. Sort of like the lie that Americans call the American Dream™.



There’s plenty of us out there. I’m at a FAANG company, with no degree and no official certs for the job I’m performing. Little bit of sysadmin work, little bit of hardware debug, little bit of hardware design. Interestingly enough, my team is made of an econ major, a Mech E, an Aerospace E, an angry sysadmin, and myself. No one with any official background in what we actually do.

Niche fields need people with a wider array of experience for some newly emerging fields. Large and rigid degree programs take decades to pivot to reflect the market, whereas a single individual can self-teach skills much quicker than a school can become accredited.

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I am new here and so late to reply over here but still want to congratulate you regarding your success.
All the very best for your future.

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