Getting a gaming PC

I'm looking at getting a gaming pc, to help towards the cost i am hoping to sell my computer, however I'm not too sure of its worth, here are the specs:

It's a hp proliant ml110 G6, Specs:

CPU: Intel xeon  X3430 @ 2.40GHz (4core plus hyper threading)

RAM: 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz

MoBo: Wistron Corporation ProLiant ML110 G6 (1 socket)

GPU: nvidia gt610 @ 1gb (which Ive added myself)

Storage: 8tb (4x2) western digital (I can't find the rpm)

Optical: DVD read

Do you know how much something like this would be worth and where i could sell it easily


Why sell it when that Xeon has some killer overclocking ability throw a better gpu in the system and you should have a decent setup for a gaming pc.

If I remember correctly, I configured a build with a 760k Athlon for you. You could drop a reasonably good GPU in your current system and start gaming. Agree with the above.

PSU would not support it so if i am going to go through the hassle of stripping out the current psu and putting in a new one i may as well build a new one, and I've never had the opportunity to make a PC from scratch so I think it would be a good experience buying the parts and making one specifically for gaming. now i am not to sure on pricing this PC but I sent a lot of time yesterday researching and if I'm way off tell me but i may be able to get 300-350 quid for this and i have a hp pro liant micro server n40l upgraded to 6gb ram so maybe 125-150, so if i add the 60 i have, thats 485-560 pounds which should be able to get me a nice system.

I would say get a new case and power supply and then just add a gpu to that system.  The xeon even though its older is probably more powerful the the athlon 760k that berserker put in what would be your new computer.  you could maybe sell some of the hard drives but the cpu and ram are good

Ive put together a £450 build together on pc part picker

i have £60 now so if i can get £390 from the two PC i have now i can get a PC specific to gaming