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Get x amount of free to use songs anywhere, anything


So, I’m still working on that android project I started in devember for music synchronization. Now, I’m setting up a test/ci environment for it.

Does anyone know a site to get x amount of free songs of various formats (1-10.000) to test against. Sure enough I could use my own library of around 2.5k songs. But I’d rather not do that, since that would mean I legally cannot allow anybody to recreate the environment ever. I don’t intend to really listen to any of those songs. They technically don’t even need to be ‘music’. Just trying to cover edge cases like 0 songs 1 song a reasonable library of 100-1000 songs and a really big one one 10.000 songs and see what happens. Both in terms of it actually working and performance benchmark type of tests. Weird chinese filesnames and titles are also appriciated. Since that might break things more so than sheer library size.




  1. I’m no Lawyer. I can’t vouch for any legalities in using music from sources i recommend
  2. I’m not sure how you want to access the files, but i’d think downloading 10.000 Tracks by hand isn’t what you’re looking at. I have no clue if any way to automate the retrieval is offered by any of the sites

I personally contribute to wikiloops
It’s a site to upload and colaborate on your own projects. Anyone can upload as much or little of a track as they want and anyone can make a “remix” and add stuff. There should be plenty of stuff there.

A second site i use a lot i looperman
They have user created short snippets of Audio. From a single Drum hit to Vocals, Synth Pads and full on grooves and everything in between.

Finally, there’s obviously Soundcloud
Not sure how the Songs uploaded there are licensed though.

Those where the first ones, that came to mind. You could also register with any of the Services that offer royalty free music for Video Production and such. Depending on how long you need it, a single month of subscription could work.



I might very well just use my library. Im not quite sure how ill test this yet exactly.

Though, I thought maybe there is some big site of free to use music for youtube channels and so forth. Then I would have used that instead.

For now the plan is its a single vm that’s a gitlab runner and also has a jriver docker container that does not persist state between runs. So its created with n amount of music that should be known before runs. And in later subsequent tests music should be added, removed, updated and playlists should be added in some shell script or something. So it can then sync again and I can see if those things work out too.

For all that I also want to know how fast it is each run. So I can see if improves or gets worse faster more accurately.

For all that I believe I need to know what music I have beforehand. But if I write tests that are specific to the songs I own. It would mean if someone else wants to run the test I wrote they cannot do that (as they wont work without it being an identical library).

But maybe its fine… If someone else where to work on the project they probably are gonna have the right to do a pull requests and then the tests just run only there (in gitlab) and nowhere else.





^^ This in a playlist + youtube-dl

you can then ffmpeg them into various formats


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That will do I guess.

The main point of this is not that Ill know wether the current thing does what I intended it to do. I sort of know that at this point. Its still incomplete, but that’s another story. But mistakes will be made, that’s just the way it is sometimes. You ‘improve things’ and then they don’t work anymore, because one out of 10 times you miss something that happens to have been important.