Get a 280X or wait?

Hey guys, my HD 7870 just crapped out on me a couple of days ago (going to attempt to bake it this weekend, I might still get lucky...) So I am pretty much facing having to look for a new GPU at this point. My budget is about 250e (I'm in Europe), I found a deal for a 280X at 220e (242$), however, compared to a HD 7870 it really doesn't seem like much of an upgrade, and with the R9 3xx series around the corner I'm really not so sure what to do at this point, any insight will be appreciated.

the r9 280x is a massive upgrade. You can also go for a r9 290x used on ebay for about 250e

Arguable considering what may be "around the corner" with the 3xx series.

I'd say it depends upon how long you can hold out.
Save up money in the meantime to get a more badass 300 series card. Then if you get impatient you'll still have probably waited longer (and therefore have more to spend on a new card) than you would have if you'd not bothered to at least try and save for the new series at all.

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Save up for a 300 series no point in purchasing something new when something possibly better is around the corner
Wait for some reviews before you purchase a 300 series as well and if they aren't as good as people are hoping now you have some extra cash to possibly get a 290

id say get the 280x now. the 390x is the next release so it will be another 3-6 months before the 380x drops. then again if rumors are true most of the new batch are just re-badged earlier generation cards. with the 390x/390 being the only new architecture...

If you can't live with out PC gaming for another month or so just get a 280x on ebay. You should be able to get one on there for under 200e and it would be far more powerful than your 7870. Forget about the 390x unless your willing to spend 500-600 on card and you have a 4k display. From what I've read the 370x and 380x could be out by the end of April....BUT.

I would go with a Sapphire 280x for now reasons being...

  1. Even when the new cards are released you may have to wait a bit longer cause you wont want a first gen OEM card. Its better to wait a bit until Sapphire, Asus, XFX, PowerColor, etc. to start coming out with their higher performance versions.

  2. The 280x WILL "mostly" support directx12 and WILL get a decent performance boost with new dx12 games and Windows 10.

  3. Not to concerned about dx12 as it does not come out till the end of 2015. Even after its release it'll be a few months before a majority of dx12 games come out. So there is really no need to have a new dx12 card until 2016. When that time comes buy a new card and sell the 280X on ebay.

  4. From what I've seen Sapphire is really the only company that has a larger heat plate that covers the memory and gpu for top notch cooling. Most other brands only directly cool the gpu, which is ridiculous. Also Sapphire is AMD's OEM brand so they tend to produce the best AMD cards.

or try 285x (should be little faster, as its cut-down version of 290)

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