George R.R. Martin: Write Faster (The Song)

I'm pretty sure this song sums up the feelings of the majority of Game of Thrones fans, wouldn't you agree?

This is the best thing on the internet... this month anyway.

still havent seen game of thrones... 

I'm immensely pissed off with Game of Thrones, because everyone keeps nattering on about it. I have no clue what the shit is all about.

Seen??? Seen? You mean read!

Read it... It's the best series ever. This is not the same hype as Hunger Games. These books are raw, gritty, and awesome. 

What Logan said. If you haven't watched the show or read the books. Do them both! The hype is completely justified. I'm currently on book four and taking it slow only because I know I'll read it too fast and be waiting for the next two books dying to read them.

im not much of a book reader id rather watch it in film or maybe listen to it as a audiobook.

Get the audio books. Then watch the show.. in that order.

though I warn you.. You will take more time listening to them than reading them.

Yep... I found myself skipping out on gaming time to read more with these books.

yeah, i realy need to pick them up... i love the HBO show, and i have heard the books are way way better. currently finishing up abe lincolin vampire hunter and a breif history of time (the 2005 version) by hawking.

these are definately my next read.

Yep, I've watched the first series and decided to skip the second in favor of reading the books. I don't want to spoil the books with the tv show.

Can someone tell me how far into the books the first series gets?

Season 1 is book 1. Season 2 is book 2. And Seasons 3 & 4 will be book 3. Book 4 is undetermined at the momment.

Season 4 Is the one I'm looking forward too, there is a reason book 3 is two seasons! 2 more years of waiting!