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Generic Forum Meta Discussion pt 2 (Thoughts, Improvements, Suggestions?)


“Hey, I like what you are doing. Works great and I like using it. Is there a possibility to reduce the amount of memory the website uses?”
Shitstorm ensues
And now even a Lounge-like thread uses only 200MB RAM on my end. Who knew?


“Hey, do you think it would be possible to ungroup replies so we could quickly get to all of them?”

“I dont see how that would be useful”

I really wish we could fork it ourselves and make it how a lot of people agree it should be.


I was thinking the other day that it might be cool to be able to insert metadata in a post. Ex: @INTC or @AMD inserts the stock price, like Reuters news does. Or @8700k inserts a link to a product page with price analysis and/or a forum wiki. A “darker timeline” idea: run the days / week worth of new posts through sentement analysis, like facebook machinery, except for the benefit of forum users instead of advertisers.


You can kind of reference metadata in posts with tags e.g. #amd #l1techs #wiki for example, first one is a topic tac the second two are category tags. So for forum stuff that kindof works.

I don’t think there’s a plug-in that would do what you described for data outside of the forum. The closest thing there is is oneboxes which will pretty format links from URLs.


IT would make a nice plug-in though, to type a key and search and have it Auto fill the result.


If there are some “how to make a good thread”-guidlines anywhere, they should be linked to from the forum rules thread.

For example things like:

  • When a solution is found, add [Solved] to the topics title
  • When posting links, put an informative text to describe what the link is about

You get the idea.


Ive had nothing but good luck when talking to them. They can be a hardass on some things but if you make a good enough argument they will usually hear you out


I felt like we made a compelling argument but it fell on deaf ears. Also took them days of us bumping the post for them to even respond.


There is the General Guidelines for Making Threads. Needs more info tho. Pretty bare.


What were you trying todo?



Sam sounds like a butt.


Ehh, seems like he’s looking at an option in the roadmap, but it won’t be ideal.

Not at all concerned about it because the lounge is my least favorite thread on the forum and if you want to post in it, you should accept the consequences.


The amount of “don´t care, read everything” by the dev is… baffling to put it kindly.


Even for this thread, there could be 50 posts between two replies.


Set it to normal or tracking and you’ll be fine.


It is not about notifications, it is about two replies to a post of mine beeing very far apart.
It does not make for a good UE to have to work arround the design.



Its not just a problem in the lounge but the lounge does tend to make the problem more apparent. I mean, would it be that big of a deal to have a box you could check to ungroup them in your preferences?

I dont get whats so bad about the idea.


Yup. With most of things, dev does not want, community wants, then make it optional!


You are always free to make a plugin to add this functionality.


do we already have a dice bot or nah