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Generic Forum Meta Discussion pt 2 (Thoughts, Improvements, Suggestions?)


Actually, I can see the pingback. Like @Goalkeeper said — it’s underneath the original post. Not exactly where one would look to find a continuation link, but I guess that’s just the way Discourse(?) works, and is something that can’t be changed.

I created my own thread to test it, and having done so, went to delete it, but the system won’t let me. I flagged it for moderator attention/deletion but I’m not sure how long it will take to be noticed (with just one flag).

Whilst doing that test I did notice that I can click “Share a Link” under a specific message and there is an option “+ New Topic” which seems likely to be able to create a new thread that starts with the text “Continuing the discussion from …”. I was going to test it but didn’t want to have two test posts visible at the same time. I’m sure someone would complain and fire and brimstone would come raining down. :wink:

I’m not sure if a pingback is created, or where it is located, if this latter approach is used (i.e. I don’t know if it is treated just like any other link, or differently).


I got you bro.

Never mind. Someone took care of it already.


Thanks for that.

Is there a discreet/out-of-the-way “sandpit area” where I could be doing these sorts of tests without annoying other people, and have the ability (permissions) to clean up after myself when I’m done? It doesn’t make sense for new user testing to be displayed on the front page.


Because of the necro talk, one thing that is being talked about is giving users the ability to lock/unlock their threads. But as of now there isn’t a way for normal users to clean up. If that’s what you mean by cleaning up.

As for testing, you make your thread unlisted. Meaning only you, and the mods and admin team can view the thread. If you can’t make an unlisted thread ask mod or leader, so that then they can make your thread unlisted. Then you can test in any sub forum area you want to.


By cleaning up I mean delete my own thread.

I’ll test the “Share a Link” approach to “Continue the discussion from…” and see if I am able to make the thread “unlisted”.

Thanks for the help!

UPDATE: I poked through every option available and couldn’t find any option to make the thread “unlisted”. That must be an option only visible/available to users with higher ranks. As for the pingback behaviour: It seems to work exactly the same as when you just make an ordinary link — so it’s not handled in a special way, and will not place a pingback below the LOCKED notice.


Only leaders and up can unlist


It would be very nice if thread owners had more controls of their own thread but I’m guessing this isn’t really possible with discourse currently.


I’m sure we could have a mod/leader/op/someone add at the bottom a “hey if you want to continue the discussion, here are the treads you can go to.”


Giving users the ability to delete posts in theirs own thread would be cool, in case things get sour. But people may end up abusing that power.


I see no downside. /s

But for real though, even if it was just the ability to lock/unlock their own thread that would be better IMO. I have wanted to lock one of my own threads before when it was clear people werent reading the whole thing before they responded.

Guinea pig thread

The bottom is definitely a good place for them.

Is it possible to just move the pingback (linked threads) list from underneath the original post, to the very bottom of the thread? That seems like it would be a straight-forward template edit.


The pingback should show on the last post that was pinged. So if you linked the bottom post of a thread, the link should show there.

The point of that is for other uses like giving context by linking that specific post, or if you create a new thread from an existing one and wanted to link a post in the middle of a thread to provide extra context.


Yes, but that kind of implies that you are replying to the last post (continuing the conversation with the last poster)… which probably wouldn’t be true in most cases.

I’m talking about links to the thread as a whole — not a link to a specific post within the thread.


As level1 said earlier, if you are linking to an already locked thread, the ping back does not appear at the bottom. You would have to go to the OP to see the ping backs.


for quoting yes.

If you hit the chain below a post though you can get a link to post in another thread, which is useful to link a thread (if you select the first post in a given thread) or a particular post or a post in the thread.


I honestly think this question is now better suited for the discourse devs.


I was thinking last night, and not to bring necro up specifically, but if that one rule is confusing I wonder what other ones could be worded better? Have yet to look.

Also, could there be a way to implement per-user settings of how the forum works? Example, I like writing my posts ON the forum (though I do wish the drafts system was better than it was, hey theres one to look at. Why can I only have one draft? Why isn’t there a save as draft?) I really like the wide text box. I hate this tiny one that takes up the space of my dock and then when my dock bugs out it covers it. Or the old scroll bar that was in the postcount box. Now its just on mobile but I liked that way way more.

More themes could be nice. Could have users make them and have a thread for it. Could do a total kek and copy the old TS theme but L1 it up (blue text, IDK, black BG green text, etc. Make the background have scrolling text like you were connecting to a BBS. I know discourse is capable of some really cool stuff, though maybe not THAT cool).

Something that pisses me off on other discourse forums is post nuking. If I ask the wrong question in a thread or word something wrong it gets insta flagged by some trigger happy nerd and I don’t see a reason. Add a reason to flagging? Really thats more a suggestion to add to the forum system itself I think. Not much to do about that.

Last thing I can think of is letting us change our own tags. I like my passive PPC jokes.


Talk to discourse devs

I like this idea, more themes would be nice to choose from

That is a admin thing, leaders can’t do it either. You’d have to bring that up with the devs.


Good luck, I tried that once. It was like talking to a wall.


Remember that Mods and Admins can still see deleted posts. They’re not actually deleted, just memory-hole’d.