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Generic Forum Meta Discussion pt 2 (Thoughts, Improvements, Suggestions?)


Getting them to do that is pretty fucking easy


We do like to operate as a ruthlessly effective team.


It doesn’t go away as it isn’t smart enough to know what is considered a response to why the mods were @'d but we don’t mind anyway, there’s a clear button, and it’s useful to have a quick check anyway.





Can we make this discussion a quarterly thing instead of once a year?

Inb4 monthly
No, that’s too much


Well, didn’t we have this in February? Not quite quarterly, but damn close.



I don’t have to scroll to get this, the circle on the bottom right is for notification setting for the thread.


I couldn’t care less about badges but maybe they do something? For someone?

If you want to be silly you could make a badge-badge so that you earn a badge when you earn your first badge.

Because badge. Or something.

But more importantly I would like to see less locking of threads overall.
Especially the ones that are actually moving.


Sure. How’s March 31st?


We don’t lock threads that are moving unless they get excessively toxic.


If a thread has momentum and isn’t a total shit-show, it shouldn’t be locked. I agree. But most of the time they turn into total shit-shows.

If you find a topic that needs to be continued or isn’t toxic, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be unlocked if asked, as it was probably locked by accident or just some misjudgment.


Beautiful end for all of this :smirk:


Just press m and the topic gets muted instantly.

I have done this so many times on accident.


I mentioned this awhile ago, maybe last year. Maybe discourse has changed enough to get a preview of the topic when hovering over the thread title? I waste a lot of time looking at threads I have no interest in. Sure, I can hit “dismiss all” but then I’m afraid I’ll miss out on an interesting thread that has a bad or misleading title.

When I glanced at the updated discourse thread one of the options was to bring a returning reader to the first thread instead of the last read post. I like that idea in threads that are teaching something or where items or lists have changed over time.


This could be left for the lounge, but i liked the hate thread that @noenken made, and if we could have a praise thread that would be cool too.

I’m sure we would all like to have a public place to gloat and to share our anger with.

If not the hate thread the gloat thread should totally be considered to be birthed.


Can you make @ mods work too for the lazy


Pretty sure you all saw this, but I cant move my post so here is a screenshot


the @ moderators tag only mentions moderators, not Leaders. We’re evaluating our options for Leaders, because @trust_level_4 is the Leader tag, which is not easy.

Additionally, We’ll evaluate enabling @ mods as an alias or something.

I’m not entirely sure how much work is required to make all of this happen, so I don’t want to guarantee anything.


Is there a reason I cant see all the groups by default
Is all I see so knowing that @ moderators is a group is not something you would know as a random new user

It shows up on the
page again something that new people would probably not know to look at


Not entirely sure.


I’ve got the same thing on my end.