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Generic Forum Meta Discussion pt 2 (Thoughts, Improvements, Suggestions?)


Here’s some of the custom badges we’ve already created:

As @Eden noted, most of these are not auto-granted, so you need to reach out to mod staff to receive your badge.


We could do that in a plugin, I’m sure.

But again, it boils down to someone needs to write the code.


We have analytics for general forum engagement, not sure about a per-thread analytic, though.

And getting the GUI element that would show it in real-time is a different story. That’s a little above my pay grade though and would have to be looked at by Admins, but as I said, I think it would be neat.


Recently granted,


Well “realtime”
Could be like,
Updated every 5-10 min or watever


That was monotonous.


Can you mention @ the moderators group please, testing something.


Calling all po po
Calling all donut eaters


Works now




yay ! :slight_smile:


So what does that command just notify every active moderator that happens to be online at the time?


it @'s all moderators, just like it would if you @'d their username.


Neat .
Although I can see that getting pretty annoying and spammy


I’ve seen people use it before expecting someone to turn up. I don’t imagine it’ll be abused, as that wouldn’t be nice.


Okay here’s a question if someone asks all the moderators
and one moderator responds
is that still a notification pop-up for everyone else after the issue has been resolved?


It doesn’t really seem to be abused now, and typically, people only do it when they need people. I think we should institute rules like prank-dialing 911. If we get a bunch of abuse/spam mentions, we’re going to give a stern talking to.


Being able to mute thread without scrolling down would make things faster, which reminds me that often times that side lever doesnt work before I scroll down

Thats best I’ve got, before real ignore button :smiley:


Yes, but we will mention in our private discussion that we’re on the case. Just so that we don’t get all the mods descending like desert storm.


End key on keyboard
Shit outta luck on phone
Unless you go to the address bar and just change the post number at the end