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Generic Forum Meta Discussion pt 2 (Thoughts, Improvements, Suggestions?)


Continuing the discussions from the previous post. If you have any suggestions for improving the forum, changes you’d like to discuss, etc, please post it here.

Please keep try to keep things civil and hear others opinions. The focus here should be on suggestions for forum improvement and providing feedback on forum-related topics.


I feel like this is just a trap


A wider array of badges would be cool, and a system for recognition.

Not sure how that would be done… :thinking:


we’ve heard concerns about necro posts and are discussing with the Leadership team about how best to be more transparent about this in the future and will be posting a public update in the next couple of days.

Please do not further the toxic discussion about necro posting. Save it for the public update. A specific thread will be made.


A badge count by the username of posters or at the corner of avi’s would be neat. Not sure if it can be done or not.


we’ve added a host of custom badges previously, so that can be done. If you have any specific ideas for badges, please let us know!


Hm, interesting. Yeah that’s cool. Maybe tier them like Playstation/Steam does it?

Have some hidden one’s, like if Ryan, Krista, and Wendell all like your post you get a hidden trophy :grin:


its not. and please don’t derail things.




Had this idea of yesterday when the lounge rolled over for the month how about a posts per minute meter or a posts per hour meter metric

Gives us a very graphical representation of how active the form happens to be in a thread or as a whole at a glance


Please keep the shitposting down to a minimum. Posting images and non-productive comments will lead to those comments being purged.





Man, this leadership team is awesome! Quick turn around!


Was referring to in-forum and in-thread. Not just on title cards.


Ah, okay.



That’s a good thought. I’m not sure it would work well for the Lounge, since that’s supposed to be a fast paced thread, but it would also lead to a race to be the next person who can post.

Might be worth more detailed discussion though.


Ideas welcome. We have a number of custom badges, they are not automated, so we have to give them out manually. Other ideas for badges would be great.


I completely agree here. @anon37156419, More badges was something that was brought up among leadership before, but we lacked creativity.


I mean literally like a picture of a bar that just keeps track of how many posts have occurred in the last hour

Something like a little GUI that is constantly up dating

Or a speedometer type thing

Just for the sake of fun metrics


That would be a fine idea. I’m not sure if Discourse can do it, but if so, I see no reason not to.


I’m sure the back-end has all sorts of metrics that we could totally look at