Generic Boring Haswell gaming Build

What do you guys think?

Meant for hardcore gaming and maybe a bit of lan-ing

edit: and after effects rendering

I'd get 7200 RPM drives, like Seagate SV35.5s instead, but other than that, I'd just drop that PSU to a 550 or 650W unit, and a cheaper one at that, like a Lepa G650 or even a Corsair AX650 if you can find one.

The Silverstone TJ08BE is also worth considering to replace the 350D.

Any idea when the mATX prodigy is coming out? I agree its way better for laning and he has to transport it a lot

this may just be personal preference, but an air cooler like noctua nh-d14 or phanteks pc14pe will be cheaper, quieter and post comperable numbers to the h100