General reminder on personal blog posts

Haven't done this yet so here it is.

If you're asking for help on anything that I do and don't need to hear, please post that in the forums. Blogs are meant to be used for any... well... blog posts really. but if you're really that new here, this section is meant to be used for any news reporting, personal opinions, reviews, sharing contents, and anything that's way too interesting to be posted on the forums. I have been reviewing the content and apart from spam, there're many new members that doesn't know where to post, so if you're in doubt, ask about where to post first and many of our long time members will guide you to the forums.

Previously, I have given a 2-day notice before takedown of the blog "post" to many members, but after this post goes up, next ones I'll take it down immediately. I'm trying to keep this section clean and clear of any wrong posts.

And finally, as a reminder for members who have been known to us for a while now, if you see anyone posting helps here, can you PLEASE tell them that this is not the right place to post instead of helping for a time being? After the author moves their post from here to the the forums (make sure that post goes in the right section over there too) feel free to assist them as much as you can.

OK, so any posts that's not in the correct section will now be removed. If you see that it's been removed, it means you're doing it wrong. The forums is where you post.

Any questions, ask here in the comments or PM me or any other mods if in doubt.

Thanks for reading!

here're many new members that doesn't know where to post,

grammer lol

Clicked for Costanza.

Disappointed in the lack of Costanza.

Same here, but met with sad look Will Smith.  With hat on wrong way round.