General Discussion on einsteins theory still holding up

As per the article einsteins theory has once again survived one of its big tests… @wendell worth talking about on the show? IDK it does sound interesting…

What I find interesting is how general relativity holds up to be true everytime and I so desperately want science to get to the point hwere we prove special relativity is equally correct. Only then do I think we can start to use these and extend these to possibly seek out a unifying theory of everthing


A grand unified theory would be awesome!

I am not exactly sure what you mean by that. Can you elaborate?

We still know so little. Dark matter and energy are everything in the universe. Their the splitting the atom of this century.

That may give general relativity a run for its money.


In the sense that it holds up to be true from multiple different instances that have the potential to prove it wrong like the one above

I agree!
I was just somewhat confused by your phrasing. It made it sound like there is less prove for special relativity than general relativity and I was wondering if I missed something.

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Well it still holds up.

Gravity as weak as it is. Gavatity is all. Dark matter holding universes together when newtonian physics and general relativity wobbles.

Then there is the expansions of the universe. Dark energy. Alberts big mistake. That we are in 2018 still dont know ??

Yer he was wrong and we no nothing.

When we can test dark energy and dark matter in a lab we can stop making up theories and make some laws.

For now GR is holding up. To attacks. And we should attack it hard cause we are the 4% of the universe.