Gene vs. impact

Hey everyone,

My question wether I should buy The maximus vi gene or if I should wait for the impact.  I want a small form factor gaming rig so I immediately thought mitx but it seems the only case I can get beastly cooling in is the prodigy where as the matx form factor has many cases to choose from.  So I really want to know what mother board I should lean towards givin my desire for a small system with a beastly watercooling loop.


how much dough do you have to spend

there is a 2011 gene also in the m-ATX, but that's a little over the top


You could wait for the Impact, drop it in the BitFenix Progidy, and build a loop in there. Other than that, you'd have to buy a bigger case, because mITX cases are too small.

im looking at approx $2000 system