GeForce GTX 750 1GB vs GeForce GTX 750 ti 2GB

I'm looking to get a GPU for my new computer and im trying to decide between these two:


What kind of boost can I expect from the extra GB of Memory and the added boost?

The Radeon R7 265. Performs better than the 750 Ti in absolutely every benchmark, while costing the same money.

Get the 2 GB version if you can, the 265 will benefit from it. More memory basically means bigger, more detailed textures. Of course, the bigger memory is wasted if the GPU isn't fast enough to load it into the RAM, and I believe that the GPU on the 265 is fast enough to take advantage of 2 GB of RAM.

Basically none. The GTX 750 doesn't have enough horsepower to utilize 2 GB of VRAM.

I want shadowplay and maybe eventually streaming to shield, also the catalyst control center annoys me.

sorry I meant to put ti in the title, does that change anything?

Well, the first link is actually a normal 750, not the Ti, although the second is a Ti.

What's the price difference for you between the 1GB and 2GB versions?

40$ today only, then the normal 750 goes up in price

I apologize for my earlier statements, I was extremely confused as to what your question actually was.

Here's a review that includes benchmarks for both the 750 and 750 Ti:

In my opinion, I think i would just go with the 750 - I'd usually recommend the 750 Ti, but I don't think it's worth $40 more than a 750.