GeForce Experience Gets New Features & Locks Driver Downloads to GFE

Starting with a pending December update to GeForce Experience,
NVIDIA will be changing the way they will distribute their driver
updates. Nvidia currently posts new drivers on a regular basis to their
website while also simultaneously pushing them out via GeForce
Experience. Come December starting pending that update, this format will
changing. GeForce Experience will be the preferred “first access”
distribution mechanism for NVIDIA’s frequent driver updates. That means
Nvidia will shove GeForce Experience down your throat whether you like
it or not. So in short - you’ll be able to install Game Ready drivers only via GeForce Experience —
and even then only after you’ve registered a verified email address
with Nvidia. The drivers you can grab on or via Windows
Update will also be limited to quarterly releases for bug fixes, new
features, security updates and so on. Aside from perhaps a hotfix here
and there.
There you have it guys, in an increasing
complicated PC market where you should serve the end-users, and not
annoy them I feel Nvidia made a huge mistake here.

So basically, you have to register an account with Nvidia to get drivers/updates in the future? Or I suppose it's just the Day One new game drivers?

LOL..... taking a page from Microsoft? it would seem that a users choices are being diminished from every conceivable angle these days and along with it your options are growing narrower and narrower.

Or just say F it...
If I don't want to use Nvidia's proprietary software I am kicked out of the drivers distribution... Thanks Nvidia...
People are starting to get fed up with this sh*t Nvidia is trying to pull nonstop... AMD's market share has been growing for the last 3 months, their stock price has been rising... I guess JayzTwoCents prediction of AMD bankruptcy is not going to happen...
And Nvidia can keep pulling sh*t like that... The last year for them has been bad press after bad press and people defending them and linking their buthole...

I'm not surprised by this move. However I think it's silly. I personally like to go straight to the site to get the drive because Geforce Experience doesn't always install correctly. I've had to do that a few times. I think this is a bad move.

Every single reputable financial source is saying the same thing he is regarding their financial strength. Sources? Barrons, Wallstreet Journal, TheStreet, Zacks, etc.


   AMD writes down $65 million of inventory
4 min ago
   - MarketWatch

   AMD posts loss of 17 cents a share on revenue of $1.06 billion
5 min ago
   - MarketWatch

But they are the best! they have 80% market share! they're GPUs are efficient! We love our 3.5 gigabytes of VRAM..

The Radeon Technologies division is probably laughing up a storm right now.


I've only had issues on the Win10 stuff (big surprise huh?) but I agree, I think this is kinda stupid. But also I don't see anything truly sinister. Annoying yes, evil? I don't see it.

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Since GFE I haven't used the website I don't have a problem with this. Except if you need legacy drivers, but most likely they are in windows update.

It's not evil... Not until there is a f-ed up driver... And then you can't download an older version, cause there won't be any on their website...
It's more like poke with a stick than stab with a knife in the kidneys..
The DX12 stuff was stab in the kidneys, the 3,5 gig Vram was stab in the kidneys... This is just poke with a stick to see how many people will react if any...
I am curious to how much market share Nvidia has lost in the last 3 months... A couple of reports stated, that they have lost some...

Yep but they are now aiming at your eyes instead of your kidneys with that stick.

I think AMD is back above 20%. Exact numbers I'm unsure of. The 970 issue is inexcusable. I'm more reserved on the dx12 stuff because dx12_0 features vs. dx12_1 features which nobody fully supports. Also, from when I know of concurrent programming and asynch compute, there's a possibility of the Asynch compute shananagans being solved with a more qualified scheduler. Time will tell if it's true or if I'm sniffing too much glue.

I mean,
I dont think this is worth freaking out about.
To keep contant updates for nVidia software on your computer, they want you to run nVidia software on your computer.

I also have a GTX 970. It works great.
The fear mongering by some people is hysterical.


It's not horrible...
But they are essentialy locking their GPU's to their software. One issue with the servers or the software or the drivers version and there is no way to fix it, until the corporation fix itself...
Remember that people reported issues with 970... It works fine for you... For many others it doesn't... It's a shame, that they lie and people just don't care...

welp, they just lost any intrest might have had left in their products.

Despite my minor trolling, the question we need to be asking is will Geforce Experience force driver updates on to people after this? Cause Nvidia drivers have been finicky as of late.


That sir, is probably the most important question on this thread.

i mean why else would they do this? it's not people who were running Nvidia before had issues installing drivers. why all of a sudden they want to convenience people?

To improve your experience with their products....why else?

My answer is - I don't think so... They would not jump into it from the start...
Could be just like CCC (Catalyst Control Center)... There is newer driver version, would you like to install it...
Now if they do force driver updates, like it or not, there will be issues... Let's hope they are smart about it and don't go driver frenzy from the start...

nothing would surprise me if they force it. Nvidia is known for doing evil things.. to them it would be improving the experience. to us it would be an injustice.. well not for me i don't have Nvidia anymore. but it would be an injustice to Nvidia users. I'm curious how this would work for Linux users as well. that is an interesting thing to discuss.