GeekSquad is a farce

I bought my laptop back in august, before I knew as much as I do now. I bought it from Best Buy, because they set up my mom's computer, and I thought I could trust Geek Squad to upgrade my RAM. I was wrong.    


but first, to explain the event leading up to this,, I have been having some crashing issues lately. we all have them, and I, at least, am fairly proficient at fining the cause. this time, however, couldn't find the driver at fault, so I started looking into the RAM. i'd tested it previously, but with a different program in windows.

this time, I did it right, and used memtest86+. the image above is what I saw. look at the RAM specification.

They broke the Cardinal Rule of installing RAM: never mismatch sticks (unless you can set their timings and speed). my laptop has locked hardware, the bios only has options for changing boot settings. I can't even see the ram specs, let alone set them.

so, I decided to take a look under the hood.

after taking the proper precautions, I took off the cover over the RAM and HDD. I found that they installed a PNY ddr3-1600 (which my mobo doesn't even support), cas 11 stick, UNDER the OEM Elpida DDR3-1333 CAS 9 stick.

they could not have possibly mixed them up. the PNY has a bright blue PCB, whereas the Elpida stick has the standard green PCB.

moral of the story: NEVER, EVER, trust Geek Squad. your better off doing it yourself.

I know, I won't make the same mistake twice. gonna replace both sticks with a corsair dual-channel set of 1333

it sets it to the lowest common denominator, that's how its always worked on non overclockable mobos.

not defending them, their vile, and for the people who aren't scumbags and actually want to help people but can't, I feel sorry for them

I have been having memory-realted crashes lately, so I think that it didn't set them right or something....

its a laptop, you have to consider that the mobo has a pretty high chance of being wonky for no decernable reason, especially so if its from HP/compaq

also open up CPU-Z on the memory tab check the SPD for 1333 or 667

or best buy

it's ASUS, ad it ses it's just got elpida ram, "8.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)"

speccy is saying that they are running at different speeds.

and have you tried each stick individually in each slot and in another laptop?

if they pass all that for single sticks then it might be because of the mismatch, but if they fail, well they are bad

Kremath,...   hhmmm i think logan wuz on this thread

the test didn't flag them, but I don't have another laptop.

edit: it was only 4 passes tho....

is that what that means? ive always wondered about that purple dragon.

Anddddd thats why big box retailers should never be trusted, well 90%

I can just imagine the guy looking at the different sticks and seeing all these big numbers he cant understanmd and thinking... good enough, and pputting them in just thinking itll just magically work or the Laptop will fix any problems it has itself.

we all know bigger numbers are ALWAYS better.

there are multiple slots you have to select the other one

I just got done talking with asus support, and apparently my laptop supports 1600, and geek squad installed the slower ram... the PNY in other words.... still dickwads. gonna have my VENGEANCE on them!

Sadly, Farce Squad will be upgrading my desktop. One-FUCKING-HUNDRED DOLLARS FOR INSTALLING A GPU AND PSU.

y not get vengence ram instead?


I am, hence, I will have my VENGEANCE on them

go get it now. do it urself

why dont you do it?

any of those will do, you still have problems then its the laptop itself