Gears Of War!

i just finished gears of war a few hours ago...i had a great time with this game despite serious stuttering at certain levels of chapters in the game - current patches do very little to correct this issue (8800gt,X2 AMD @ 3.0 1mb, 4gb ram)

at $30 from best buy this game was well worth the funny thing is iv'e had xbox for awhile now but never considered playing this game until it was a hit on the PC and read a ton of reviews on that iv'e played this and read that 30fps was the max for xbox before i pulled the trigger on this...ill wait till GoW2 comes out on PC - 9.5/10

(if you know anyway to get this running at nice speeds ALL the time let me know)

(-never drink outside,if your not the kinda person that shares with his buddies or anyone! not talking entirely about the liqs--)

GoW 2 aint happening bro (not for the PC atleast)