Gears of War performance

There seem to be issues with the game on AMD cards. Not sure if it is because DX12 was thrown on release or because of Gameworks crippling it. I would like to hear some opinions and maybe see some benchmarks.

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Isn't Gears of War tied to the Windows store?
Edit: Yes, other people are having performance issues running the game through the Windows Store. Not that you have a choice on how to run it, that is.

I don´t have Win10 as something about the "free" made me suspicious & I don´t have the game.

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Paul and Kyle spoke about this this week. It's borking both Nvidia or AMD. Windows 10 is a requirement. Sounds like Games for Windows Live revival.

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Oh dear god no... Scripture tells us that in the final days a great evil will be restored. I believe this evil to be Game For Windows Live.

Stay safe out there my children... And pray that the end comes swiftly.

from what i've heard its crap on all cards...