Gears 5 under proton?

So it just occurred to me that since gears 5 is available on steam, there is a chance that it could be run in Linux under proton. The main issue is that even in windows 7 version there is no DX11 implementation for the game at all, only DX12. Other problems that could exist, is if Microsoft has decided to have a limited form UWP library’s rather than strictly win32, Easy Anti-cheat auto banning players using proton and that limited XBox live functionality will break the game entirely.

I already downgraded from windows 10 back to 7 for instability reasons, and with end of life approaching windows 7 and 10 still looking like a mess. I will give linux run on my main machine if need be (it worked well for my old laptops). Although I am likely to just go back to windows 10 once 1909 is released, or hold out when 7 goes EOL.

Edit: Fixed some words.

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If you can’t live without a specific game, you’re pretty much stuck on windows. Personally I’m done with that. I’d rather play a couple games less than deal with windows breaking itself “as intended” through updates, spying on me, installing Candy Crush and other crap without even asking and so on.

There is more good games available on linux today than I could ever play in my life.


As much as i disagree on the whole “breaking itself, spying stuff”,

this is true. There are workarounds and options and you can make stuff work, but in the end, Certain games on Linux just aren’t happening (yet).
With reboot times being what they are and SSD’s being dirt cheap, i’d set up a WIndows 10 Install to play what doesn’t work under Linux and be done with it.

If this is for curiosity sake, then by all means, go for it. No Progress is ever made without someone attempting to do something hard.

And just to say it out loud, i haven’t had a Problem with Win 10 in 2 years or so. Both on my Personal and Work machine it just works. I leave automatic updates on, don’t tinker in the registry to diable features and just set the available privacy options to as strict as possible.
And yes, Candy Crush stuff is annoying. Let the PC sit for an hour after installation to update all the Apps and then uninstall them. Haven’t had them come back after that.

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And then literally this week…

Microsoft literally didnt even rate it as a bug, passed it through testing and the insider program where complaints were made, shipped to everyone still broken and they will fix it… Eventually.

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Well there’s another reason to go to Linux. As much as I want to ditch windows for reasons like this. I think i’ll just end up switching back out of familiarity.

If someone does manage to get gears 5 working under proton when it comes out I might give it another go.

As with most of those reports, it starts with “some Users experience”. No idea on this specific bug. Both my machines don’t have it. My Insider Preview installation doesn’t either.

Maybe i’m just lucky. No idea. I don’t doubt most of the reports, but there are sooo many “guides” and “tricks” and scripts out there to “clean up” windows 10, that i take any of those reports with a grain of salt. We’ll see how this one turns out.

You sure about that? Cause it sounds like you do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, not at all. I’m pretty sure most people reporting those things are acutally having those Problems. I’m just not sure what the reasons are :wink:

Well, I am. :smiley: But that would really take this off topic so…
You were correct, we disagree.

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Not sure how this is an “issue” since DX12 > Vulkan translation is way faster then DX11 > Vulkan :thinking:

Is not used on Gears 5.

Either that or it will straight not run like so many other games that use EAC. But supposedly Valve is working with the EAC developers to resolve that.

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Here’s your answer BTW - no bueno.


Very heartwarming to hear that.

It’s still not the time to have a main gaming rig with Linux. Sadly.

But you might get used to it pretty quickly, at the end of the day it’s not “another whole new world”, it’s just a different approach to things.