Gday How to RX 580 AMDGPU-PRO in MX Linux 19.1?


In Feb 2020 Ive rebuilt my PC from my 7 year old Xeon PC to a new fancy Ryzen beast

Ive been running MX Linux over 6 months now , but prev with an GTX 1050 ITX 2gb card

New PC has
CPU:- Ryzen 3500X 6/6
GPU: RX 580
SSD: NVME 250 gig + old OCZ500gig SSD

Im stuck getting RX 580 copyright drivers from AMD.COM working
for the last few weeks Ive been using the built in free drivers
but insurgency (2004) brings up shader errors
and 7D2D 18.x build brings up black screen or odd texture errors

I managed to download AMD 19.2 onto my 500 gig ssd
extract it
and run the ./amd-gpu pro install
and rebooted
but it bitched about not having AMD-GPU not configured

It dropped me to dos/cli also after reboot
so i managed to uninstall it and install LightGdM3 and reboot and
back in XFCE UI with free built in drivers

MX Linux did offer a Nividia tool to install the copyright drivers in 18.x and 19.0 but it doesnt offer the same thing for AMD owners

Thanks for any tips and help in advance
Im willing to paste commands or logs
Sorry if its the wrong group/thread area ,
please move to correct section if reqired


Is there any reason why you want to run the Pro driver in the first place?
It is useless with consumer cards and doesn’t even work on them half the time.

AMD drivers are in the Kernel. You plug the card in, you start gaming.

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I choose to use the AMD copyright downloaded driver as I have

Ultra crappy FPS in ETS2 Retail on Steam
Shader issues on Insurgency 2004
Shader/texture issues on 7D2D v18.x build

Most games “just work” and most games get 75fps, but not ALL

I havent found a good program like AIDA32 to clearly display all the gpu info/stats in the background

I was also hoping the non-“free” (non opensource) free amd downloaded driver supports

  • fan speed control
  • temp stats
  • control planel past 1080 60-75hz setting on 'display"
    but like the Nvidia control panel I used with the Nvidia GTX1050

Could you please not throw around abbreviations like everyone’s supposed to know them…

No idea what that’s even supposed to mean.

Either way, the Pro driver won’t help you with that. If anything it can make performance worse because the Pro driver is not meant for gaming. It is designed for the Pro cards and nothing else. It happens to run on some of the consumer cards, but that’s about it.

Make sure your graphics stack is up to date. I don’t know MX Linux, never used it, but you need up to date Mesa and LLVM. Everything else should come with the Kernel driver.

Already supported, it doesn’t need a driver for that. There are utilities out there that do this already.

Can be read from anything that supports lm_sensors

IDK which Desktop Environment you use, but it should just list every available refresh rate that is reported from the displays EDID.

Use xrandr in a Terminal to see which refresh rates are reported to be supported by your display.

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Euro truck simulator 2 and 7 days to die for anyone confused.


I play 7 Days 2 Die on my Ryzen 5 2400G Vega 11 iGPU. It plays really well for what it is. I had all sorts of stability issues early on, but the Mesa drivers caught up with it and now I can’t remember the last time it had a hangup. Aside from the known bug that the game hangs when shutting down and you have to kill the process.

I’d imagine using Debian Stable as a base that the default kernel and Mesa may be too old to run properly. What kernel/Mesa are you on currently? I know there are ways to update them, such as making Ubuntu PPA’s work in Debian. Either way, I think there would be a decent chance of getting some of those problems to go away or at least improve running the updated versions.

Don’t install amdgpu-pro its for workstations cards you already have drivers built in.

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Yeah, amdgpu-pro is not a “better” driver for gaming. It’s the same as regular amdgpu, the only difference is that it has some support for (i think) machine learning and CAD modeling type stuff.

It won’t make a difference for gaming. In fact, it might be slower because it’s got bad support.

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Machine learning, CAD, and you get some low level stuff for HSA-like applications.

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So I have to put up with SHITHOUSE FPS in ETS2 and
texture issues in 7D2D and Insurency

Its this fucking attitutude is why people go back to Windows 7
and give linux a miss because it lacks the ablity to

Download driver from AMD
DOuble click on driver file
it extracts
it installs
control panel works
you got proper functionality

Can you post a screenshot? I play those games and the only issue I have is lag when I play online. I used to have a 580 as well, so I’m not sure where you’re coming from.

And to be fair 7D2D has never been a pretty game lol

See, you’re missing the point here. Linux doesn’t need you to install drivers. Its just, install the os, tada you’re done. I hate windows because theres always a bunch of fucking around to get anything to work and I end up where you are. On an unfamiliar system doing shit I don’t want to deal with.

I think you might just be making this too hard though. I’m not positive, but possibly.

Again, I’d need a screenshot to really help you out.

Also, isn’t insurgency from like 2012? The source mod right? Or are you playing the ORIGINAL source mod?

MX Linux could also just have something setup wrong. Have you tried standard ubuntu or mint?


What attitude? I’m just telling you the facts. I’m the guy who is an AMDGPU enthusiast around here lol. I literally followed the bring up of the driver and reported every little thing to the community as things came up and out.


This problem is not a Linux problem. It’s an amd or Mesa problem.

AMD has come leaps and bounds in the last few years.

You would be smart to compare the amd drivers to the nouveau drivers and see how they hold up. (hint: amd wins)

It’s not to say that Linux is shit. It’s more to say that Linux isn’t a first-class gaming solution, and never was intended to be. That’s why lots of people dual boot and some run vms.

I’m not saying don’t use Linux. I’m saying level your expectations.

I’ll be the first to say that Aremis can be a dick sometimes, but he wasn’t in this instance. Just because you got an answer you didn’t like doesn’t mean someone’s being an ass.


It doesn’t “lack” the ability, it doesn’t need to. There’s a distinction lol.
Did you even read what anyone posted above? Have you looked at any of the things I posted?

… that you’re showing when people wanna help you? Yeah, that one :confused:

Essentially what your issue is: You want Linux to behave like Windows.
First off: no, forget it.
In 99% of cases you do not want to go to a random website and download some stuff and doubleclick and install malware (read: nvidia AdExperience) alongside it. What you do is going into your package manager and hit install and your done.
For stuff like graphics drivers (excluding proprietary nvidia), you don’t even have to do that, because the driver comes preinstalled. That you even have to install a graphics driver in Windows manually is the stupidest thing in the first place. This shit belongs installed when the system is set up automatically.

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