GB Usage for library?

Hello, I was wondering how much an avrage person has for GB storage on their steam library. I have about 200 games, and need a new computer. I want to be able to fit almost all of them onto a SSD, but since I do not have a computer, cannot test how much space it takes. List below how much space your games take up, and I will base how many games you guys have/how much storage it is. Please post below if you use a special amount of storage on a ssd for your games, or reccomedations on wich ones I should get. Thanks.

it really depends on the games you have.

most indie games like the binding of isaac (i own) only take up about 256MB

other games like metro2033/Skyrim (i also own) take up close to 8GB

fitting 200 8GB games on an ssd is not smart.

you're best to go with an ssd to run your OS and applications and keep your steam games, pictures, videos of your "family throwing satulas at each other" all on a 3TB hard drive.

But seriously crunch some numbers and total up how much space all your games are going to require, if it's over 200GB i'd seriously reconsider putting them all on a 256GB ssd and move them to hdds.

Average gamer has 100 games (I've got like 12 lol) and depending on the game, it could range from 200MB (Binding of Isaac) to 30GB (World of Warcraft with all the expansions). So like NJM said, it reallty just depends on your personal library.

Instead of installing them to an SSD just go to settings->downloads+cloud->steam library folders and create a new folder on a HDD and when you download a file just download and install it in that directory. And if you want the speed of quick loading from an SSD then just put the most played games that can fiton SSD and the rest on an HDD.Otherwise, what I do is mklink the steam and steampps folder from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam to a 1TB WB Black Drive. 

I have 97 and it is taking up 844Gb

WOW! i never realised WOW was THAT big, i knew it was big, but not THAT big

Honestly, I run my games off of an HDD and they still load really quickly. It's even the WD Green edition, which I hear are a bit slower than the Blues and Blacks, so if you get one of those you'd be even better off.