GB Titan Ridge Problem installing drivers

Hello everyone!

I am on a Asus Prime Z390-A Motherboard unning Windows 7 x64 with USB3.1 modded drivers and works like charm.

The problem now is that I seated a GB Titan Ridge AIC. and drivers wont install. The default installation Setup started, it asked for installing the drivers even when not signed a couple of times and also looked to go just good, but then the installation window just closed and nothing happened. Rebooted and the Titan Ridge shows with no drivers in Device Manager. Tried installing the drivers by ‘update drivers option’ but it says windows cannot find any.

Any help?

i7 9700K
Asus Prime Z390-A
35 Gb RAM Corsair Dominator
WIN 7 X 64

As far as I know, Intel did not make windows 7 drivers for titan ridge. So you would need to upgrade to windows 10 for it to work.

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