Gave a small speech on Linux, would love some feedback!

Yeah, I accidentally linked to the RSS feed. Here’s the category actually on the blog:

I really appreciate that you found this entertaining. I strive to make sure that most people can be represented and that the knowledge and entertainment can apply to not only novices but also to those who have been in the field a while.

I do this by revolving around a certain topic but also looking at the human side of things. Putting the lives of people in the conversation, making sure that there’s a story to be told. My favourite part is the storytelling to be honest.

I never really wanted to be a formal teacher but always wanted to be a public speaker and to inform people about the dangers and benefits of using certain technologies, as well as how to use them. It’s important to me that I help at least one person understand something they didn’t before when they listen to my podcast.

TLDR: Thank you tremendously for being a listener, it means a lot.