Gateway to server case transformation

The goal of this project is to create a case that can house my newer supermicro board , two power supplies , and look more along the lines of a rack mounted server. There will be a lot more function rather than style , but I'll try to make it look nice.

Removed plastic

Removed stock front and drive cages

Borrowing power supply mount front hp case

The reconfigured front , with drives relocated , second power supply bracket , and fan locations

Borrowed side vent from hp to use as second power supply vent

Coat of black

that's it so far

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Neat. Keep us updated!

Creating front mesh

added case handles

reassembly (and yes , that's an ultra xconnect power supply , the gaudiest of all power supplies)

That's it so far. Yes I will get a 120mm fan for the rear. I do not have an I/O shield plate for the motherboard unfortunately.