Garry's mod Low Fps and stuttering

Pc specs: Cpu is oc'ed to 4.6ghz, and ram is at 1866mhz, gpu is oc'ed +80mhz on the core and +415mhz on the memory

Hi everyone. Whenever i play Garry's mod i get really low fps, gpu usage and my card sits a stock clock which is about 1084mhz  causing me to lag stutter and generally make the game unplayable as this puts me with a massive disadvantage. This happens on all servers i go on including servers that used to run great on highest setttings with Radeon 6670 that was in my old pc. I found that my card is overclocking in the main menu but not in game which is very frustrating. My temps are fine and my cpu usage is normal.

so does anyone have any idea what my problem is?

Any help is much appreciated.

Does anyone know?


What is your new Gpu? If Nvidia make sure it's on prefer maximum performance.

Its a palit gtx 770 and yes that setting is on but i just rechecked my cpu usage and it is only using one core so i think its bottlenecking


When moving to your new GPU, did you remember to uninstalled the AMD drivers?

Other than that, just try reinstalling the Nvidia ones

no no i built a new pc from scratch and ive reinstalled the drivers a number of times including wiping my hard drive and performing clean installs nothing works.


Applied the Windows hot fixes for the core parking issues windows has with the FX series?

i guess as none of my cores say parked


Apply them just incase.

do i need to if im on win 8.1

Ah 8.1 from what I've heard just has terrible performance issues with gmod (and some other games).

I do not know how to fix these issues.

ok thanks for trying to help.

Its been quite a while now and no one on the internet can help me or the few 100000 people who have the same problem as me. Goddammit GARRY!!!!