Garbage Picking App project

Hi there, so here is a little context for this project so that you understand where I am coming from and the scale of it.
Since I am quite young I’m picking up garbage, I have a lifestyle with a lot of free time and when I see garbage I sometimes like to pick it up. One of these days I was wondering how could we get everything cleaner, welp well need to gamify it a little bit, since no one is paid to do it and since people are after money we need to find a way for it to be rewarding.
Thus the idea of the app, it is a map (made with OpenLayer) where one can drop a pin with pictures/comment, saying either to go and pick ie garbage is there, or that you picked some, through the comments it will be possible to reward each other, using crypto public key for example.
So here is the idea, right now it is a OpenLayer map projected in python using pywebview, thing is this map as no feature and I am quite stuck unto the next step, all guide point to learning NodeJs I am procrastinating by writing this post.
Hope you like the project, if possible I will keep this an alive thread and update it with development, this is still in ideation phase, and will morph many time before reaching it’s final place nor is it fully developed here.
I do not own this idea even thought it comes from my head, if you take it to bring it further please notify me so that I can help in any way.
Much love from Canada.

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