Garbage performance on a decent machine.. help! [Solved]

Hi guys,

I am having real troubles with my system performance in games. I think something might be bottlenecking the system or something. In numerous tests with MSI Afterburner and RTSS the GPU never went above 60-70%, all the CPU cores never went above 50%, the FPS(D3D11) was from: 5fps-35fps (in most games like Metro Last light, Watch Dogs,..) averaging at 15-20fps (MADNESS!) . CPU temp: 59°c MAX, GPU temp: 57°c MAX. I should be having fps at 60-70fps as far as I've looked at gameplays on the same specs.

I have no idea what could be having such an impact on the system. Any help would be much appreciated, and if there is anything that you need I would be happy to provide.


My specs:

OS: Windows 8

Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth 990FX

CPU: AMD FX-6300(3.8Ghz - 4,2Ghz Turbo)  - OC'd

Cooler: Arctic Freezer 7 Pro PWM Rev.2

GPU: Asus R9 270x

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8Gb - 1600Mhz (2x4Gb)

Hard Drives: - Kingston SSDNow V300 120gb (OS), WD Caviar Black 2Tb 7200rpm (files, including game installs)

PSU: LC PowerSilent Giant LC6600GP2 V2.3 - Green Power 600 W 

Your power supply has multiply 12v rails you could try different connectors on your gpu to try and spread the load across both rails.


How exactly would I do that? As i can see, this PSU has 1x 8pin and 1x 24pin connectors for the motherboard and 2x 6pin for the GPU. I have switched them, but the problem persists. 

Could this be a bios problem?

I have checked the bios for ram and temperature controls and everything seems to be in order. 
I did have a frame limiter for 60fps, but even if I turned it off, it wouldn't change a thing. 

Hmmm that sounds promising. Will need to get a couple of those asap and try. Will report back.

Thanks guys.

The temp on your CPU is too high, really, considering max core temp is 62. You could be getting some throttling of your cpu? Have you confirmed that your clock speeds are consistent even through heavy loading and temperature increase? 


I looked at the specs for your CPU cooler, could likely be causing throttling. The cooler is rated to 150w maximum cooling and the FX-6300 is STOCK 95w. Depending on your OC you are probably overwhelming that poor little cooler!

Yup , crappy cpu cooler. Not having your drivers up to date and malware issues all rob you of performance. That kingston ssd also causes pause. Are you you're not mining bitcoins for someone on the side?

Well average temperature is 35-37°c on the CPU when doing basic tasks. The cooler was the only thing where I cut a corner. I knew that stock is crap, but I didn't put a more expensive one thinking it should do the job.

I don't really understand your last two sentences. Are you saying that the cooler can't be more than 95w? I have the fans run on turbo mode in the bios. Could that be the problem on the cpu cooler? 

Heh no bitcoin mining, no malware and up-to-date drivers. I build the system 1 month ago.

What he is trying to tell you is that the stock wattage of your CPU is 95W, but when you increase the clock speed of your cpu through your overclock, it will increase the draw in order to power the new speed. Since your cooler is rated at 135W, try turning off the OC and see if it fixes the issue. If it does then you know that your cooler is the culprit and you can just upgrade to a higher grade one later and OC again.

Well, that and maybe default CCC and rebuild your settings.

well you won't be getting any kind of performance with watch dogs, in fact i'm surprised your even running it.

I have done extensive tests with 3DMark and here's what I've found.

On IceStorm tests (the low-end computer test):
- Graphics test: 350-400 fps on both Graphics tests

On CloudGate (middle-tier):
- Graphics test: 150-160 fps, BUT(!) ---- Physics test: 5-7fps

On FireStrike (high-end tier):
- Graphics test: 28-35fps, ---- Physics test:   6,3 - 9,5 fps  for a Combined test of : 9-10,5 fps

I have reinstalled the correct latest drivers (not beta's) but the stats were the same. I have put the system CPU clock to vanilla values at 3,5Ghz with no turbo mode AND turned off turbo mode on the CPU Cooler.

After doing the 3DMark tests, I've checked the HWMonitor stats and the GPU Max temperature was at 75°c with a Min of 31°c. CPU temps were at Max 62°c with a Min of 22°c. 


Is that 62 c not oc? Cause thats a terrible temp for not ocing your cpu. Anything over 52 c and you should be considering better cooling solutions. I know its old school but it still holds true.


The above temperatures where at OC'ed CPU (My bad). At vanilla where as follows: CPU Max: 52°c, Min 28°c
GPU Max: 74°c, Min: 33°c.
I believe that it is normal that 3dMark turns the revs up, but I'm not sure that it should be that much. For a 1hour play of Battlefield 3 on Very High the temp went to 62°c max on the GPU, which is passable as far as i've looked around the net.

Those physics tests bother me, as they are terrible. It looks that that is what is clogging the performance. I would assume that it could be the drivers fault, but I have updated and downgraded the drivers several times, trying different ones (even a bit older ones, aswell as the new beta 14.4).


After 71 72 degrees on your gpu , better be looking for better airflow. Seems to me you have temp problems across the board.


Hopefully you have your card in the right pci slot. Post a pick of the inside of your case.I personally dont consider the cpu cooler good enough.(no matter how its rated) Your case may have airflow issues. Remember its about the total package when your aircooling.Worst comes to worst maybe a fresh install of windows is in order.

Img -> 

The blue lines indicate air flowing in, the red lines are output fans.
Two 120mm fans at the front blowing in,
Two 120mm fans at the side blowing in,
One 120mm CPU cooler,
One 140mm fan at the top pullin air out, 
One 80mm fan at the back pulling air out. 

Not great but not bad either . Some cable management may help your gpu.If you have room in the top i would add a second fan. Couple of sp rated fans in front if not already there. Get a better cpu cooler. I you maintian low benching results in relation to what others are getting. Do a fresh install of windows.