Gaming/Work Laptop

Hello peeps!

So am ready to buy a work / gaming laptop but cant decide if I should get one of the following or if I could save a little more with any good alternative laptops out there. If any one has any plz let me know and when I say work all ill be using will be the terminal to SSH into systems at work.

  • Razer Blade Pro, love the build quality, looks sick but don’t really like the touch screen, ill be using a mouse.
  • 15'' Mac Book Pro Retina Display - was thinking I just bootcamp windows and game that way, but i really don’t want to go the apple route because it feels like am getting F*&% paying $2500 just because it's an apple product.


  • Alternatives are welcome!
 I just picked up the same laptop only with 6gb of ram and an i5 instead of 8gb and an i7. Insane build quality for the price imo, and the performance is rock solid. Just finished a playthrough of Crysis 2 on high with a solid 60fps, and it will play it maxed out at around 30-40fps at 1080p. Destroys every other laptop in this price range in performance, and I believe the 750m's in SLI beat the 765m in the Blade as well. That being said, it's not nearly as thin, and there's no CD drive (who uses those, anyway?). I still consider it very portable, but battery life is also not going to be nearly as good as it will be on the Macbook. I can't speak for battery life on the Blade as I don't know what it's said to get and apparently I'm too lazy to go look right now. Seriously, mobile 1080p gaming for less than half of the high end blade. No, you don't get all of the bells and whistles, but it's a damn good laptop.

I should probably say that after looking at the insanely priced Blade, the only "bells and whistles" you don't get are the terribly inconsistent mouse pad (kind of a gimmick, but still pretty cool to be fair), and the thinness of the blade. Also, it erks me that high end laptops marketed towards gamers have glossy glass screens. A lot of people don't realize just how frustrating it is to try and game on a glossy, and not matte, screen. The amount of glare created by bad, or even good, lighting is ridiculous. You also don't get the "retina" display. I hate that name... anyhoo, gaming on a laptop at a resolution like that is going to be nigh impossible I'd say. Still a damn pixel-dense screen though.

All three of these will provide a good gaming experience and will be fast and productive in windows due to them all having SSD's.

ALL of these will perform better than both the Blade and MacBook pro for $500 less:)

Woah! One of these has two ssd's in raid 0, apparently. That's boss. I forgot to mention that the y510p's say they have an 8gb ssd, which one would assume windows is on, but what it actually has is a 24gb caching ssd that uses some proprietary intel software to "smartly" load applications that you use frequently, and decrease boot time. So it boots up fast, and your internet browser will load fast, but everything else will be at sad old HDD speeds :(