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Gaming Without Windows



To maintain control over your PC, running an Xbox would be infinitely better than installing windows.
There is no excuse for Microsoft’s gross disregard for user choice and privacy. I’m more ashamed at the users for accepting such unethical garbage.


Well like I mentioned up there, some people just want to play video games, and the moral arguments being lobbed all over the place seem a bit silly. To me, anyway.

That and the way Nvidia users are treated. If the state of the drivers wasn’t bad enough, any comment from Nvidia users gets them absolutely roasted like I was on Reddit this morning. I made a comment about how nobody seems to care that the Nvidia experience is dogshit, and that the blame for this is flung all over the bloody internet. Nobody can seem to come up with any solutions, only whose fault it is.

The comments I got suggested what I already suspected, that nobody gives a shit. Bought Nvidia? Tough shit. It’s your fault for supporting […] proprietary[…] corrupt […] AMD […] etc etc. Absolutely no sympathy.

Which is all fair, but I’m not going to bother using an OS that doesn’t work with my hardware.


Windows 7 is pretty great and works rather well with most games.


Its time is coming to an end though, and if you wanted to keep the telemetry that was backported from 10 out, that time came a bit prematurely last year.


There are still images from before this event, and it’s not too hard to disable windows updates (although i would not recommend leaving such a system open to the web for obvious reasons which jacks up multiplayer sessions unless you are willing to take a risk by running a weakened system)


Oh, I wasn’t saying you couldn’t do it. I was just saying that was the only way to keep the telemetry out. So if you run Windows 7 but have been installing the “rollup” updates, they’ve been tracking you. Essentially, if you run Windows, there is no escape.


We could use sprinkles of sympathy here and there obviously.

But when it comes to NVidia’s support for Linux, NVidia themselves see it as “tough shit” and it’s a big part of why Linux users appear to be pro-AMD (although Intel has really great open source drivers). I mean we can blame the OS all we want but it’s not like NVidia is really trying. Hate to say but for NVidia, there isn’t an easy solution, but there do exist open source drivers.

That said, I don’t really want to rip on people for using NVidia GPUs, that’s dumb. My sister’s laptop uses an NVidia GPU and it kicks butt. My friend plans on getting an NVidia GPU (although before prices got fucked, I tried to convince him on an RX 470 cause of price/performance). Same thing with Intel CPUs.

All of this said though, I don’t really want to support crappy practices (And AMD isn’t perfect neither, they have the RX 560 identity crisis there). The same is true here with Windows, except it’s hard not to support it since for certain programs even besides games (like Atmel Studio although I am trying to figure out how to program AVR in Linux) that I still need Windows for. And for games, well, Linux isn’t quite there for me yet but it ain’t far at all neither.


Yeah, I’m sure we could derail the thread by going over the issues and problems, but I’m honestly pretty bored of Linux now tbh. When I started coming to TS I was really keen on Linux and was excited about all the different distros and that, but that wore off fast and I’ve realised there’s nothing really magical about it. It’s just a way to use your computer. It’s like choosing to take the lift or the stairs, really.

but the Nvidia issue is just another example of how things just aren’t aligned for ease of use, and I know there’s the meme of Just Works[tm], but if I can’t use my GPU properly then it’s like well okay, I guess I can’t use this OS.

Anyway, i’ll stop talking now in case I get accused of dragging things down.


Wenn it comes to Linux gaming there is still allot to be desired.
Allthough like @Eden allready mentioned, games with Linux support on steam is growing.
Still i do think that main reason why gaming on Linux isnt yet picked up by larger AAA devs, is the lack of vulkan api support on games and the hardware companies lacking to provid proper drivers.
But that might change at some point in the future.

Windows is of course still the better platform for gaming.
But that doesnt mean that you have to use Windows for anything.
Using a dual boot setup, or running Vm´s or sepperate gaming systems are all solutions to you.


Also about the Windows10 telemetry discussion.
I think that we could pretty much end that now.
Because most things are pretty much said about it.


The current AMD open source drivers are pretty much there today.


Yes i know and that is pretty awesome.
But there is also more that AMD could do with their proprietary drivers.
And same counts for Nvidia, its a bit like chicken and egg issue.
Not sure how about actual Vulcan support?
Unfortunatlly not too manny game engines seem to implement support for the Vulkan api yet.
And that a pretty shame, because we all have seen how amazing and capable that api is in Doom.
And i trully think that the Vulkan api is the missing piece for making cross platforming games easier.
But again Microsoft is the company with the big cash, and manny AAA game devs seem to obey on that DX!2.


Totally agree. I hope iD Software’s last games have inspired some other studios. I would love to see Epic Games just straight up kicking Direct3D out the window and making UE Vulkan only on the next major release.


Exactlly Vulkan is an awesome and powerfull api,
and the nice thing about is that its crossplatform.
If the AAA game devs would open their eyes for that.
Then you would be amazed how fast Linux gaming could envolve.
Because i´m pretty convinced that running a AAA gaming natively on Linux with the Vulkan api,
could totally smoke the performance of that equally running game on Windows.
Simplly because of the rediculous overhead that Windows and DirectX has on our hardware.


It’s growing extremely fast, but it’s still got a LOOONG way to go before it’s at parity with Windows.

Once Vulkan becomes a thing, I think the cadence will increase a bit.


Amdgpu doesn’t yet work for relatively new hardware. Vega, freesync, 144hz, multi-displays gtfo.

If only Epic would get their shit together… Unrealengine forums are showing they’re finally working on optimization for 4.18/4.19.
Unity has beta support.
I think Bethesda is helping the scene even though they don’t support Linux.
And of course Croteam is kicking butt as usual.
Talos principal vr on vulkan on Linux, and its not broken.


Yeah, I’m hoping some white hat takes an unpatched Windows 10 environment, do Meltdown/Spectre on it to see what exactly MS is sending in those telemetry payloads pre-encryption.



The Top Paragraph was for you. The rest was for OP.

Again, replying with a wall of text is probably not a good idea on cell phone. Note to Self


Lol, an article bashing windows, top banner ad and sidebar ads for Microsoft products.


Getting their ad money’s worth there, aren’t they?