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Gaming Without Windows



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Not only games, there’s lots of creative software I would happily pay to have on Linux.

The sad reality is the majority of people are perfectly complacent with microsoft. Software development companies will target the largest audience before the the minority. So unless you want to use fewer or inferior tools/software/games, windows is a necessary evil.


Some things may be considered as necessary evil, though windoz is not one of them.


Well, Meltdown and Spectre might legit give us a chance to see what is inside those telemetry payloads. I just hope some white hat realizes that and releases that info.

Win 10 Enterprise LTSB sounds interesting. If I ever get work as a IT admin and sign up for TechNet, I might look into that. I would still install ShutUp10 and Spybot Anti-Beacon.


I think TechNet as you’re thinking of it no longer exists. MS no longer provides a subscription service for IT professionals of full versions of Windows, Server, SQL, etc. See Here:


Wow. I think they anticipated people abusing TechNet and killed it… Yeah, that makes Windows 10 LTSB way harder to acquire.


You can still get an eval copy of Enterprise Edition, but I think it’s only good for 60 or 90 days.


I use keyboard and mouse with most of my PS4 and PS3 online games. Some of the single player support it too. Any USB mouse and keyboard. Basically if it works on BSD, then it works on PlayStation


Could you make a list of titles?


I don’t have a lot of games.

Paragon (Free to Play MOBA)
Warframe (Free to Play Space Ninjas)
Fallout 4 (Mostly works no key remapping)
Starwars Battlefront 1 (No key remapping and some keys don’t have a map)

Mercenaries 2
Dust514 (Discontinued but had basic key remapping)

That is what I can think of off the top of my head. I know that in the PS3 world, there were a lot of games that did not advertise KB+M but when you connected one, they worked with it. There used to be a thread on the PS forums that would list these games. Started with the PS2

I actually like the Playstation controllers. Some games just go overboard with the Auto Aim and I either spend more time fighting that or if you turn auto aim off, the game is completely unplayable.

Not all of us can be Jeremy from Pure Pwnage. Some times you have to learn how to use the noob sticks.


Of all gamepads they are still my favorite, yeah. Dual Shock 3 are the best ever made in my mind, I don’t care about the touch stuff on the current ones.

I might try out Fallout 4 then at some point, maybe. The other games are just not for me…

Thanks for the list. :+1:


Fallout is better on the PC due to mods and better hardware. The engine itself is old and Bethesda should be shamed for pulling that move. It is not bad on the PS4, much better than XBox (unless you have XBox1X) but no mods.


Yeah, and there we come full circle back to the topic. So it is PS4 or not at all for me. :wink:


For @noenken
I say rent it from RedBox or GameFly to see for yourself. It is not bad on PS4 but the hardware is a little dated. The no mods thing is not a limitation of the hardware but of publisher and vendor squabbles. It happens on PC too.

For OP, @imrazor
In general with PlayOnLinux and other Wine environments, you can get most things to run. Also VMs with GPU pass through should not be much of an issue anymore. I built my GNU/Linux gaming machine in Summer 2013. The selection of Linux games were low back then ~1200. Now there are over 5000+ games. I am more of an indie gamer and and not into the AAA titles so much in my older years. I have learned that if I want a AAA game, I rather play on console because I don’t have to deal with root kits, or intrusive DRM. They also tend to go less overboard on consoles too. I also do not have Windows at home nor do I want it. I left that life back in 2001.

For all of the other games I play using Steam and GOG and I am fine.

I really feel that you are going to need to be flexible on this. Controller is not bad and for some games (Fighting Games) you need a controller. If you want your cake and eat it too, then you will need to either use console for games you cannot get on Gnu/Linux OR you will need to Dual Boot OR you will need to run one of the OSes in a VM. Those are really your solutions. That is part of the fun and focus of Free Software systems. You get out of it what you make of it. You can build your own system to YOUR liking.

I started on PC games back with a TRS-80. In the early 90’s I got hooked on Consoles and left the PC gaming world from 2004 - 2013. I am back in the PC realm but I will always be a console gamer at heart. It is convenient and easy and portable. PlayStation Master Race

What you do is your choice but there are choices out there. You have to be willing to learn and adjust your lifestyle a little bit. Change is hard.

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Ediits: Was not clear that the top paragraph was for @noenken while the rest was for OP.


I wonder if there’s any cases of Linux purists shunning Windows, but still own an Xbox.


Since that was a direct reply I’ll just say: yeah, I know. :wink:
But I guess it was more a general statement.
And I agree. :+1:


You rang?


So I’m trying the dual boot option on an Optimus laptop. So far Fedora and CentOS have been a bust. I’m about to try Debian. Any other suggestions?


Manjaro with XFCE.


i was just musing at how Linux users decry Microsoft’s every errant fart, and it occurred to me that some of them probably do own Xboxes. The internal struggle must be great.