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What I am seeing here is, I have Intel and have been subjected to these problems, therefore everyone has to be in the same boat. Windows, Mac, Linux, Intel or AMD. With so far no proof and plenty of speculation that if one is bad they are all at least that level of bad or worse.


My point is how do you know? They’ve never denied PSP having network access. Libreboot still doesn’t support them, as far as I know, for that reason.

That’s going to take some time to dig up, all read all of this when 10 released and the massive outpour of outrage erupted.

And M$ flunkies? Really? Jesus, drink more of the Kool-Aid, dude.

Yeah, they spell all that out for you in the terms and conditions. If you don’t agree with it, don’t use it! But people are taking the disclaimer, railing lines of blow, and going on these wild tangets.

Whatever, believe what you guys want. These subjects always devolve into this nonsense.


Assuming that’s lobbed at me, no one has offered proof of Microsoft stealing data.


Nobody on the entire internet has produced a single packet originating from PSP outbound to AMD or anyone else. That’s not proof, but it’s certainly reason enough for me to trust them.

I’ll trust companies until they prove they are untrustworthy. I for one won’t trust a company that won’t let me completely disable telemetry.


It was. And they have. And it is not stealing if willingly surrendered. Be that with a gun to the head or not. The pages are there to read about what they take in their reports.

So far the proof is that Intel is insecure and windows wants far too much information. That much is known.

On the other hand AMD do not provide the full information on its security platform for obvious security reasons, same as Intel not giving IME details. Linux has had telemetry problems, like with Ubuntu and amazon. Again known things that ended up in them implementing an off switch for it, or actually having the option to go to another OS that is nicer.

Windows is closed source so cannot be audited for security the same way as linux. So on one hand windows are up to something with all that data, on the other you can look at the code of your linux distro in a vast majority of cases and confirm your self or if you have the skills remove that part or simply use another Distro not an option with windows at all.

The burden of proof is on you here. Everyone else on the Intel/Windows front knows what’s up or at least has a vastly better overview of the goings on things that they do not like. So far AMDs PSP has stood up to the weathering, it my not always and it might have network capabilities, those are not known yet but you are calming that absolutely do. So where is your proof?


How is the burden on proof on me? I asked for proof Microsoft was stealing financial data and passwords. You post the terms and conditions?

Microsoft is holding people at gun point now? Lmao. What the fuck ever.

Maybe you’re right, maybe I’m misremembering. The article posted above looks around the time Windows 10 came out, maybe that’s what I’ve read. But to claim that I have to prove a claim, when the company has denied commenting on it, versus defending bullshit speculation is absurd.

Microsoft posts terms and conditions – People say “They’re hiding something!”

AMD refuses to comment – People say “Welp, nothing to see here. Pure transparency.”


So. Let’s take a hypothetical here. You run a business the uses software that only runs on windows. Your business relies on this software. Windows has told you what they are taking and to use the OS you have to agree to that. So you need windows, and they are telling youbthey will take certain information (I never said passwords or financial data) that may or may not be sensitive to your work.

What do you do?

Shut down the business or submit to Microsoft and give them what ever data they said they would take. Gun to your head.

Back to the matter at hand. You have security researchers, and the people who made IME all saying it has problems. They are known and there is proof. Windows tells you what they want, there is the proof there. AMD so far come up clear and linux is verifiable. Then only thing you have said about PSP is that some boot code writers do not want to work with them because they speculate something. No proof on that front. So again then burden is on you here.


Ditto, I hate controllers, They make keyboards and mice for consoles now.

Collecting old computers is a great hobby and playing dos games on a 486 just feels different in a way I can’t quite put into words.
I’m not to concerned with privacy since my identity was already stolen, plus I have alrady posted enough stuff in the lounge to get me put on most government watch lists :slight_smile:
Hope this helps…


As a linux user of 10 years, I’ve had my time to age on how to make this all work.

Now… I also play stardew valley and source games most of the time, but sometimes I want to play an RPG maker game, 100% orange juice, or Diary of a Spaceport Janitor. I load up my wine install of steam, open the game, and go. And if its not a small title like that its something bigger like Deus Ex HR, Bully, Battlezone 98, or Stranded Deep. I’ve even seen people play subnautica on linux just fine.

Then you bring up a console. Honestly, right now the switch is kicking ass. Dark Souls, Mario Kart, Stardew Valley, and Skyrim all on the same system? Plus SNES, hacking it to play sega and SNK, and probably dualboot android eventually? Hello there you can take my 400 dollars. Definitely the way to go if you wanted to do that. PS4 store is a tire fire, xbox is the most unappealing thing… The switch is in god mode right now.

So, really, take your pic. Windows just isn’t a good choice for anyone unless you work in an office or you’re a streamer.


Linux is better for gaming than OSX at the moment due to more hardware choices. VFIO passthrough works I find it is more to maintain than a simple dual boot.

Mind you Linux is not free Windows. Linux is based on Unix and Windows is based on DOS. It will not be a 1:1 comparison. If you have experience of modding/hacking Android or ChromeOS it won’t be a huge shock.

Use Linux for most everything including games you like. Valve’s, Sega’s, 2K and Edios have been good about porting. WB ports but sometimes those games run like ass but, they run like ass on Windows too. EA, Ubisoft and Blizzard/Activision are the big hold outs.

Windows for what ever flavor of the week game you pick up and Linux for everything else.


M$ was using Facebook APIs to share Wi-Fi passwords amongst Facebook friends using Windows 10, so they were storing people’s private Wi-Fi passwords in the cloud.


That’s not how it works. If your job requires to use windows 10 there is no choice. It is forced on you unless you want to be unemployed.

You need to use some common sense here. The reason why nobody is presenting the proof to you on sliver platter is because the data stream is encrypted. MS are not that stupid, they are not going to incriminate themselves. So it is safe to assume that their Terms & Conditions are leaving out the alarming stuff.

There are many articles on the web about how Win 10 keeps sending data even if you disable stuff in firewall. You can’t tell me that Win checks for updates 5000 times a day. If you can put 2 and 2 together it doesn’t take a genius to work out what is happening. Wendell will tell you the same thing.


So, to the OP, the way I’ve brought my desire to game and my desire to use a decent OS in line with one another was either dual boot or a GPU passthrough VM. I’ve had both setup. I’ve recently parted with one of my GPUs so I’ve gone for dual boot. If I can play a game in Linux, I will only play that game in Linux. Then I’ve got Windows for the 2 or 3 games that I want to play that only run in Windows.

The next step is to adopt a policy. No Tux, no bux. It’s hard. There will be a lot of games that you will miss out on, and that sucks. Take to social media, be polite, and talk to the game companies. Ask about Linux releases, if they state that they’ve looked into it and can’t justify a Linux release, make sure to thank them for their consideration and hope that they will consider it again for their next title.

On to Microsoft’s spyware. I’m pretty amazed at how we got to where we’re at right now. Windows 10 was pretty well panned when it was initially forced on users. Yes, it was a forced upgrade. Some people escaped it, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t forced. Even noted Microsoft apologist Peter Bright over on Ars Technica had an article specifically about the fact that even when you told Windows 10 to stop talking to Microsoft, it was still phoning home.

Now we have to prove that Microsoft has done something wrong in order to hate Windows 10? There were a few apologists out there who were big on the, “Windows 10 is free, so duh they’re going to collect your data.” These people got real fuckin’ quiet when asked what the justification would be when the “free upgrade” period expired and we had to pay for the license.

Now there’s a lot of “Well Facebook/Google collects your data, too!” And like a lot of What-Aboutisms, that’s true. But it’s also a different level. Non technical users can choose to not use Facebook or Google. Honestly, I think a lot of non technical users could use Linux too. But they can’t up and decide that themselves.

Microsoft collecting data from Bing’s site? Sure. Do it. But collecting the data at the OS level is straight up abusing their position in the market.


It’s not just a rumor, and “troubling” is an understatement.


I’m going to leave this here. Read it, don’t read it, complain more, do whatever you want. I’m not going to sit and argue with people that equate Microsoft to being some authoritarian government.

The company you all hate so much is one of the number one contributors to open source, and for a while they were the biggest contributor to the Linux kernel. Of course, none of that matters, because “ARRGG FUCK M$$$$$!!!1!!!1111!!!”.

You guys accost me for misremembering and not providing sources, yet you continue to post outdated, debunked sources, and go on wild speculation with ZERO proof.

It’s not 2001 anymore. Microsoft is becoming more flexible and embracing open source. I would recommend giving this a listen:

Of course, none of you will, or you’ll froth at the mouth and scream the entire episode, because it completely goes against this weird, rabid narrative of the evil corporation.

Fret not, though. I’m now well aware no one wants to discuss these things. This is my last post on the subject. Have a good one!


“When it comes to Windows 10 privacy don’t trust amateur analysts”

Didn’t quote the link, but that’s the title. I’ve skimmed it, it looks like he was targeting a specific journalist. I’ll make the time to go through it later. But to the point in the title, are the EFF considered amateurs?

Yeah, I finished the article. He was going after one journalist, and rightfully so. The journalist in question wrote up a story based on an incredibly uncredible source. And that source was absolutely wrong in their analysis.

Check out the Ars Technica link Grim_Reaper posted. That’s a better analysis that does indeed prove that Windows 10 will not stop phoning home.


Let me put this question to you.

There are over 2000 Linux games on steam, with more coming out every month. Do you really have an issue finding games to play?

But my “insert fav game” isn’t on Linux… who cares? There’s so many games out there realistically you’ll never miss them.

Your not a dedicated gamer of any specific game as you only mention one, assassins creed, and that’s just a generic game, its not like your playing some game competitively.

So id really suggest you actually look at what kind of games you like, not look at getting a few current windows only games you play running on Linux, why bother?


it’s pretty useless to argue with people over what is obviously a clash of values.

I’m on Windows 7 because I play many AAA games, it’s really that simple. I run Linux on my laptop because it’s not powerful enough to game, and because i3 is useful for small screen resolution and multitasking. I enjoy both systems.


this topic has come up time and time again, and people keep resorting to slapfighting like lobotomised gorillas because value this, moral stance that, etc etc. All very dry and best left to Reddit imo.

But if you’re like me and just want to play video games, then you can either faff about on Linux trying to get Wine to work, or you can run Windows. Is Windows 10 horrible? You betcha. I don’t run 10 and I refuse to run 10 because it’s horrible to look at. The privacy arm-flailing isn’t my bag, so I have no desire to get into it.

It comes down to what games you like. If they’re Linux compatible, cool. If not, you’re welcome to faff about with whatever convoluted thing Linux has come up with to get it running.

I’m lazy and like AAA, so Windows it is.


Or my option mentioned above.

I agree, if your using Linux and don’t want to use Windows, if it doesnt run ootb in wine and doesnt have Linux support, just drop it from your gaming list.

If you want to play windows games, well… play them on windows. If you want to do that on bare metal or virtually, that’s another topic. privacy isnt an issue, your using windows or not no matter what version, its all the same.


People keep forgetting about all the games to be found on the Linux distro software Repos.