Gaming with ecc? / Also Sock. 604 limits?

I have my Dimension 670 running now! I was going to run a nice big pentium 4 extreme with pc2 4200u and sata and my 250x. It sounds stupid but I have played skyrim on a p4 system and ddr1 ram. I know the speed of the ram is the real limiting factor, so what am I to expect if I played like cs:source or whatever? Its not JUST gaming, its a secondary, but what am I to expect?

ECC memory has slightly slower performance than the same speed non ecc. its not worth worrying about though, other factors matter more - cpu and gpu.

Good luck with that old system.

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Oh thanks for that :D the box is essentially the same as the P4 I was trying to rebuild but its dual 64 bit Xeons. Knowing that I am just going to move the hardware into the nicer case tomorrow. I think I finally have the secondary I've been looking for :D I can even get 16 GB ram in it! (so excited now)

Now I wonder if I could rig up the case lights that are built into the Gen 3 case o:

Now I need to know what the limits of the processors are. Socket 604. Can I only do dual cores? Can I get the hexas? I think its Pcie 2 so I could definately get like a 670 or a 680. Something like that. I'd love to let this puppy go and see where it flies off to.

I think dual core was as far as it went on socket 604. The last chips available supported either a 667 or 800MHz FSB depending on model, I am not sure if the faster ones supported memory with higher clocks, you will need to check.

Nice as it is to play with old kit, make sure you don't pay too much for any of it. I am not sure any of it would ever become retro-chic and worth bucks like old Amiga and ST kit is :-)

Lol its just something for me to do honestly. And yeah there were hexacore 604 chips I've already looked that up. I'm just wondering if the box will bitch. I can get a pair for 20 bucks no prob..

i dont fully onderstand what the topic title has to do with the actual context of the OP.
But ECC memory does not give you any benefits as far as gaming is concerned.

The box I was working on yesterday only uses ECC. Its a touchy little git. I wanted to know what the negatives were, if any, but it appears that there really aren't as many. Its a little slower, but boo who about that?

Now I am looking into core count and I'm not going to start a new thread just for that :P

Thats fine to me.
But basicly yes, ecc memory will work totaly fine for gaming aswell.
Its indeed a littlebit slower but nothing major.

Core count will of course help in your case.

Yeah. I can see that there are hexacore chips on 604 that came out in 2009 but I have no clue if it will be a problem on a board from 2005. At that I can't find any build sheets, motherboard references, chip listings.... Only the owners guide D: so even if I blew 40 bucks on some chips just to see what happens I might just end up blowing the board all to hell.

You can see my intention and concern :P

Not sure if those particular Xeon´s were for socket 771 instead of 775?
I think that this needs a bit of investigation firstly.

This is pre LGA. Its all mPGA.

Ah ok nvm, then i have the wrong chip in mind.
But pentium4 mpga?
The only pentium4 sockets i know this far are all lga.
socket 423, 478, 771 and 775.

Actually I have no clue if pentium 4 was in 604 or not....


I think those are the exact chips. They are no namers.

Yeah its a xeon only socket. I know the P4's I have worked on were 551. I think it was 551 anyways..... If it didn't fit I didn't care about the number :P

I've decided that sinc my ML370 and this box are both socket 604, and since the real server has quad core processors, if I need bigger procs I can just cannibalize them to test. If it works out I will go as big as I can. Otherwise I have been using dual cores and single cores forever. I can just turn on hyperthreading and PROBABLY be ok. I just need more ram now :P I can do that later I guess.

You could start a museum.

There's a thread over a Whirlpool for free computers and donations etc.

The washer people? That was made in 2004 tho >.>

Yeah, the thread was made in 2004. But the last post was from 2 days ago. This is why we good mods don't lock threads unecessarily.

Just last Wednesday you can see that someone gave away;

Intel Core i7 930 LGA1366 2.8ghz 8MB Cache
Asus LGA1366 Sabertooth X58 Motherboard
Corsair DDR3 6GB (3x2) RAM 1600mhz – TR3x6G1600C8D

Better than throwing hardware in the bin.

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Well I did my project. The box will be finished when I have 8 cores total and 16 GB ram. That will happen sooner or later.

Also I dig local scrap places. This is how most of my stuff is done. Even my main rig is built off of shit out of a recycle depot. Its how I do everything.

Look at performance graphs of memory benchmarks at different speeds and it all BLAH. There so close it doesnt matter. Motherboard benchmarks are the same, outside of one overclocking higher.

Gaming doesnt tax system memory anything close to a benchmark.

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