Gaming wifi router?

Hi guys. I have some cheap old router and today I was playing Chivalry and internet connection was dying during gameplay. Game worked fine, but skype was loosing connection and any site didn't want to load. I googled that it is probably because of my router was getting flooded when receiving pings from servers.

Could you recommend me some router that can handle this (cheaper is better)? Give me some more recommendations because I don't know if every router you recommend is buyable in Slovakia ;)


pfsense box is what i could reccomend instead....

What I have read about that PFSense thingy, it appears that's for restricting some traffic. How will that help me?

Its not for restricting traffic, its just router software

just get a linksys, i guess you want wireless n... but i used to game on an old wrt54g v2 and i loved it (flashed with dd-wrt ofc)