Gaming/Video Recording/Editing build in mind, would like feedback/suggestions?

This is my first forum post, so hello everyone. I'm looking to build a gaming/dxtory recording/Sony vegas editing setup and I have a parts list in mind that includes an Intel i7 CPU and an Nvidia GTX 760, and I'm looking for feedback and suggestions, as the title suggests. I'll leave a link to a Google Docs spreadsheet listing the parts and peripherals I'd like along with links to their respective pages on TigerDirect and Newegg.


Probably $2000 at most.

That would seem to be a much better use of $1800

Totally forgot about PCpartpicker, thanks!

One question though, why a 2gb 770 instead of a 4gb 760?

I'll jump in and recommend looking at a couple of things. 

  • If you are not going to OC much, look at this:
  • This SSD can take a lot more punishment:
  • That's a lot to spend on a keyboard. I'd get this: or
  • I do prefer OpenCL:, but Nvidia works just fine
  • Lastly, go for a 1440p monitor for an editing rig:

The 770 is significantly more powerful than the 760 and you'll find it difficult to use 4GB of DDR5 gaming... and productivity will never approach 2GB... the 4GB models of either are for SLI configurations