Gaming, video/photo editing rig

So far sitting with this

Can't decide if the extra money is worth it for the i7 or not, as I've heard mixed opinions. Also not too sure on GPU. Will MAINLY be a gaming rig so that's the priority, with photo/video editing secondary. Will also be a 2TB not 1TB as listed, just too lazy to change it. Just need things fast and pretty. Feedback appreciated.

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An i7 isn't helpful in gaming. The HT does nothing. It can be useful in video editing though. The i7 is much more expensive than an i5 and if you won't be doing much editing I don't think it is worth it. If you don't want to OC you can get a Xeon 1231V3 which is essentially an i7-4770 without the iGPU. It is about the same price as the i5. Little more.

Yeah can't get the dang link to work.

Basically have an i5 with Radeon R9 290X 4GB and appropriate PSU and whatnot. I mainly use AMD builds so I'm not familiar with intel boards and would need something that CAN overclock but nothing crazy is needed.

I got it. There needs to be a space after it. The word can was on the end.

Not really sure about that Mobo. Never even heard of it lol.

The Z97A I have heard of and is quite good.

You could find cheaper RAM.

You don't need an 850 Pro and 840 Evo will be plenty.

Get a Caviar Blue from WD instead. Like $3 more but more reliable IMO

That card is too expensive. At that price you could get a GTX 970 which is better at 1080p. I'd go down to an R9 290. Nearly as fast and can be had for around $250.

You don't need anywhere near that much power. 600W is plenty. You certainly don't need a platinum PSU either.

Lol yeah.

Budget somewhat allows for it so I just grabbed everything to make it closest to budget(around 1250) just to get an idea of what I COULD be getting for the money. But if I can save a few bucks to pick up other new things then that'd be good.

Also need a GPU upgrade for my other PC which is used by a roommate. Using a Sabertooth 990FX R2.0, Fx-8350, 650W Corsair PSU with a radeon 7870 in it currently but they want to switch to a Nvidia card for preference I suppose. Need a good upgrade from that as well. Again I'm usually AMD so I know next to nothing about Nvidia cards.

Well my build is basically the same as yours just with some of the fat trimmed off so to speak. I got cheaper RAM and a cheaper PSU which saved a lot. Then put that money into a better case and motherboard. The builds will perform roughly similar and about the same if you OC the 290 and you save quite a bit.

Well I'd go with the 970. Really kills at 1080p but IDK if it is worth $130 more than a 290 which will also max every game at 1080p.

If your budget is $1250, I'd do this:

Chuck in another GTX 970 if you've got the budget.  I personally prefer the 970 over the 290 and 290X simply because it's MUCH less of a power hog and heat generator.