Gaming/Video Editing Build Help


I was wondering if anyone is able to offer some advice on a Pc that I am looking to build.I will be using this mainly for gaming aswell as video editing.

I am looking to spend around $1700, preferebly no more than $1900 on this build. At the moment I am considering going for an intel i7 processor however if you feel that an AMD processor will offer greater performance then i am fine to go with that. 

It will need to have an SSD and at least 8GB of ram. I am looking at a GTX 660 for the graphics card but again im up for changes. 

My major concern is keeping the system from over heating, I dont have an issue paying for extra fans (preferably silent) and if at all possible a fan control unit.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated on which parts i should look at.

I've given this to like 5 people tonight


thats an okay guide to go by if you half way know your stuff but they're not asking for a guide, it wasn't until the 3000 price mark it was recommending socket 2011 and it doesn't ask for what its for, you need different components for gaming than you do editing

if a jobs worth doing its worth doing well

you will need to remove the red portion of the Heatsinks on some of the ram to fit underneath the heatsink, they'll be fine don't worry

3930K 6 cores and 12 threads, qaud channel 2400Mhz 32GB of ram, GTX680, 1TB of storage, 120GB boot/program SSD, should edit pretty smooth

Hey thanks for the quick responses, they helped a lot.

Im going to check over the parts gigabuster recommended so i can find my local equivalent price.

Thanks again guys =)

I guess I should have figured it wasn't going to be a US/canadian build from the name...

going to warn you, its going to be a lot less amazing, few places are cheaper than newegg