Gaming Taboos and Compulsions

I just watched two videos by Gameranx and thought it would be a fun topic, but I combined them into one thread because they are similar.


I realized I definitely may have some of these issues.

1a. The taboo I have been guilty of and worse is Backseat Gaming.
My friends like to game on my system and I coach by saying "it's over there, did ya see it? Go right, no more right."

1b. But much worse than that, this may be a gaming ATROCITY or War Crime against the Geneva convention. When my friend was playing FarCry 3 on my system, he got to a level that I found really hard and tedious. He found it hard and tedious too and died many times. When he wasn't looking I activated GODMODE, just to help (I was bored as hell and wanted to end my, uh... his suffering). "Screw it man, Just run for the chopper!" Yeah... don't do that. He got SOOO pissed when he learned I made him skip a level for his own good. In my defense he is really OCD about finishing every game 100%, plus it's my PC and my game in my house and he was boring me, dying so many times. I should have given him the offer to do it, or at least not tell him after I did it.

2a. Gameranx mentioned tilting the controller like a steering wheel and a commenter talked about instinctively dodging, moving or looking around in your chair using Body English as if it would affect your controls in game. I was playing DOOM 3 at around 3AM. A monster scared me so bad that when I dodged, I flipped over backwards in my chair. I said "Dude, It's time for bed."

2b. Here is a compulsion Gameranx did not list and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
When I get a new PC game, first thing I do is tune the graphics for the best balance between FPS and eye candy. That involves having a monitoring program (EVGA Precision X) that displays FPS, Temperature, Memory usage, CPU usage, GPU usage, Fan speeds, on and on. It clogs up half my screen and it's very distracting to have blinking numbers on your screen when you are trying to concentrate on the game. Then I leave that crap turned on all the time even though I don't need to use it or change settings again. My compulsion is I have to know the exact FPS during every moment of gameplay.

What do consider gaming taboo?

What are your compulsions?

Happy Gaming and always remember ...
"If you close your case before you turn it on, you're guaranteed to have to open it up again."

Gameranx makes good content lol, I saw the compulsive video awhile back and could relate to almost all of those.

This is a habit that I want to get rid off but it's so hard to do!! I love knowing my temps, usage and FPS all the time but it does not really make me enjoy the game that much. I do it when I install mods on fallout 4 then when I'm satisfied with the results (usage, temps, fps) I just turn off my second monitor and enjoy the damn game.

I wonder where this habit comes from. Console players don't have to bother with this, but then they also don't have any choice of settings.