Gaming system perfomance

Hi guys just wondering how you guys think this system will perform in games like bf3/4 grid auto sport and some other AAA titles and what kind of fps at med/high if possible even ultra for me 40ish FPs is playable.My monitor is running a res of 1366x768? But might game on  my full hd tv?

btw I'm just starting to move across from console gaming to pc gaming.


Get 2x4 gb dims of ram other wise it should be fine.

Pretty decent, though I would go for 2 4GB sticks of RAM (like what Hades said) instead of 4 2GB sticks of RAM (price should be around the same). The chipset only utilizes dual channel memory and not quad channel memory.

Just want to advise you on one thing the FX-4130 is not a quad-core, yet a dual-core that utilizes multi-threading (AMD's version of Intel's hyperthreading.) Meaning that most applications that support AMD's multi-threading technology will run pretty well. Yet the FX-4XXX's performance is equivalent to an i3-4XXX's performance. (The FX-4130 is equivalent to the Athlon X4 760K.)

So short story short, yes you can run around 45-50 fps avg while hitting 60 fps max on 720p.

thanks for the fast response in my actual system a have 2 sticks of 4gb but on part picker I couldnt find that exact ram so I put 4 stick of 2gb for some reason.what do you think my FPS will be on a 1920x1080 screen on grid auto sport?and do you think the cpu will bottle neck the gpu and would it be worth another £75 to buy a fx6300?


It would be a smart choice to bump up to the FX-6300 if you have enough money to do so. You should be good if you get the FX-6300, it will run smoothly on High Settings (most likely max settings, haven't played it before) in 1080p.

FX-4XXX -> 2 modules, 4 cores

This is only 30 pounds more but has a lot more CPU power and graphics power.

If you want to get into overclocking and want to spend more on a CPU cooler, then the FX-6300 is a good way to go, but if you aren't the i3 in this build will out perform the 6300 at stock speeds.

Just want to advise you on one thing the FX-4130 is not a quad-core, yet a dual-core that utilizes multi-threading (AMD's version of Intel's hyperthreading.)

Not at all accurate.

True not accurate, not easy to explain in short terms, but it is not a true quad core. There are benchmarks everywhere proving it. It tricks programs into thinking it is one, but all it is - is a dual core than can run two processes per core.

Pretty much like the i3.

See my reply here, or start a new thread if you feel like discussing that further.

Sorry, replied with an apology in that forum.

Pick up a better SSD, and then I'll give this a +1.

The FX-4130 is an old chip.  Something like this will perform better for the money.

If your going to use AMD switch to windows 8. It has been optimized for AMD's module design. You will see fewer FPS drops. Also go with something with pile driver cores and not bull dozier. Something like a 300 series fx. 4300, 6300


I didnt want the cost to go up too much. This SSD is still a LOT faster than an HDD, and has a lot of good reviews. It's not the fastest SSD, but its reliable.

I have the system already minus the gpu which is why I was wondering what in game performance will be like and wether or not it's worth upgrading to a 6300 and what FPs difference it will make in most AAA titles.


at 1366/768 you should be able to max out nearly everything that isn't cpu intensive

Being in game industry I can tell you that having a least a dual core is needed now. There are a few games like Battlefield that do use more cores. But BF 3 and 4 is not well optimized for them or just spreads tasks to other cores that can all be done well on two. This is why BF3 and 4 still run well on a i3. I think DICE is still playing around with it.

That being said having more cores for upcoming games in the next few years would be ideal. And this talk about AMD quads being a real dual core or 6300 being a triple core are both true and false. AMD has invested a entirely new design that takes its work loads in a different way. So why it is true that the older OS's and games will see these modules as a core it's self. With new OS's like Win 8 and games like battlefield running AMD SDK for the new design this software can use it like a quad core or six core.

With our engine if your using a Intel CPU then the thread workload will behave the same. But with newer AMD it will be scheduled and tasked a bit different to take advantage of all cores. I think AMD has an intelligent design that I'm sure Intel will come up with something like it in the next few years as more is made to take advantage of it.  


So would you suggest getting the 6300 and moving to win 8 Now or see how it goes and when the time comes get the 6300  and win 8 or maybe the fx 8xxx depending on price

thanks for the responses so far

Your statement is true Cell, I shouldn't say true tri or dual core since it isn't really true. Though it does seem like AMD might abandon it or improve it greatly with their new engineer and what not.

Okay, so Mdude. I am pretty sure your motherboard does not support the FX-8XXX series. So if you do indeed want to jump up to the 8 series, then get yourself a 990FX motherboard (though if I am correct, there are lower tier chipsets that support the FX-8 series, you will have to check your manufacturer's website for that.)

Right now I suggest (Cell's suggestion maybe similar or different), getting the 6300 and Windows 8.1 (not 8, 8.1 is a bigger improvement over 8.) Although, if you can get 8 cheaper, then go for it since 8.1 is a free upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1 for now.