Gaming / Streaming / recording Rig ( I would like some advice. )

So I am building a computer a new computer, and while I have built computers in the past. None of them have been like this. I like to think of this as my first real build. My First Build where I am not to worried about budget, and I kind of want to really go all out, but I am trying to keep it around $1,900 dollars.

The Machine itself will be use mostly for gaming, but also some video recording, minor editing, nothing to heavy or fancy when it comes to editing, and sometimes streaming.  I am not sure if I will be doing any over clocking with this machine. I might do a little bit, it depends on how well this machine performs on stock settings, but I will not be doing any heavy over clocking.

This is the current build

I am going with the AMD FX-8350 because I feel it will give me the best money to power ratio, and I have also been a long time AMD user.

One of my biggest questions about this machine is the CPU Cooler. As it stands right now I am looking at the COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO. The only down side to it is I end up having to use Low Profile RAM. Now I have been tempted by a few other types coolers. Mostly the COOLER MASTER Seidon 120M and the CORSAIR Hydro series H50. Both of those coolers would let me have more options for my ram.

I am  looking for some feed back on the coolers that I have listed, and my build in general. anything that I could add on, or make it better. I am open to ideas on changes on anything. As it stands right now my build is coming in at $1,810 dollars according to newegg. So I kind of want to keep it around that price range.

Thanks for the help...



Also.. Yes I know 32GBs is a little much, but if I am going to be doing streaming, and recoding. I want to make sure this machine has all the recourses it can use. Plus part of me loves the idea of maxing out my ram from the start.. I don't know. it is just something I have always wanted to do.



Holy mackerel! For nearly two grand, you should seriously think about getting Intel...

Honest. I'm a huge AMD fan. Love them. I just wouldn't spend alot on an AMD build. (sub $1000 is appropriate)

i like the build,might as well go with the 8350 since it beats the I5 3570 or you could spend extra money for a i7 3770 but in my opinion its not worth it.

I have thought about going Intel in this build. I have had them in my systems in the past.

Some of the Intels I have thought about were the 3570K or a 2600K in this build. But after looking at the proccessors, and other things I want to put in this build I felt that the 8350 would be a good way to go... ( plus I was leaning to the 2600K, but Logan's Video push me to the 8350. I figured the extra 100 dollars could go to something else. Like an SSD. )


also why would you not want to go over a grand for an AMD build if you don't mind me asking?


About the cpu cooling, my opinion is, go aircooled, only go liquid cooled if you have the money for a custom loop. Aircoolers have better price to performance (just like the 8350) not like those crappy corsair h100 things. If you do need to find low profile memory it wont matter. Works the same, still looks nice (doesent look abnoxious) and will probs cost less.

:/ Hmm.. well I might have shot myself in the foot then. Maybe not. I got This Set of Ram for 101.99 each. Came out to a total of 203.98. It seemed like it was worth it to me at the time.