Gaming/Streaming pc for a friend.$700 Budget

Friend is getting into PC gaming and would like to stream to Twitch as well. He isn't too tech savvy so I don't believe he will ever overclock. Would a stock cooler keep an i5 4590 cool under load? Or should I throw a 212 on her? This is what I've come up with so far.
I was debating putting in a 4690k like I have in my rig, but I can't make the budget work with that cpu and I like the other parts i came up with, though I am open to suggestions. 700 is the budget but can go to $750 as the max. Don't worry about the OS, peripherals, etc.

Just ordered parts for a new PC and doing much the same with it. I opted for the 4960 non K and a H97 board. Z97 has more overclocking features and I have no desire to OC again. Also any memory over 1600 is OC'd and thus a waste...made the same mistake. Look at the Asus H87 PRO Gaming on Newegg, about $100 and better features, bios, and software. IMO of course :) I NEVER run stock coolers, but save them as backups. 212 evo still champ of cheap reliable air cooler.

No reason to get a Z97 board with a locked CPU.

Stock cooler will work just fine. It works pretty well, actually.

Cheaper RAM, case. Beefier GPU.

Setup Intel Quick Sync or AMD's GVR if you wanna stream.

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I like this build. I made a couple of adjustments though. That 500w PSU puts me on edge with that AMD GPU. It'll work, but I recommend stepping up the PSU to the 600w version.

Something like this would be great:

I switched out the PSU for the 600w version, and to help offset the extra cost, I opted for the cheaper i5 4440. You won't notice the difference between these two CPUs during day-to-day usage.