Gaming/Streaming/Editing PC!

Hello all im new to the feed so haii all :)


Im in need of a new pc that can handle gaming on very high setting also i want it to be able to stream using xsplit or OBS, as I do a lot of video rendering it would be very nice if it were able to perform great at that aswell. Im using Sony Vegas mainly so CUDA cores are not a must!

 CPU:Intel or AMD wichever gets the job done!

 GPU: Pref AMD however if you think otherwise let me know!

 HDD: Not needed

 SSD: yes 120-128 GB pls

 PSU: Yes

 RAM: Not needed have a 8 gig corsair vengeance kit 1600 mhz from this build might buy another 8 gig soon.

 Case: Yes pref midtower I need a case with optimal airflow and it should be ablo to mount cpu cooler like the NZXT Kraken Pro x60 as i will be overclocking ALOT!

 Mobo: Yes keep in mind I will be overclocking so i dont mind spending alot in the mobo!

 CPU Cooler: Yes I will be overclocking alot so i thought of H100i or Kraken x60

 OS: Nope

 I will be overclocking alot and my budget is aroung 1200-1400 prefer as cheap as possible :P


You want AMD for the gpu, but CUDA cores are a must?

Hey Captain, you misread what he said. He said they were NOT a must. Using Sony software will keep you in the AMD market for a GPU. Is there anything you have looked at so far that can help us lead you in the direction you are interested in. Such as Asus VS Gigabyte or so on?

I really like ASUS mobo's and GPU aswell as XFX Gpu's 

I was thinking about the AMD FX8350 OC to 5ghz and intel alternative would be 3570K 3770K but i really just cant decide between Intel and AMD?

SSD wise i thought about the HyperX 3K because Logan loves it :P

I thought of a Radeon HD 7950 or HD 7970


Any thoughts?

@Evo80ci Want, and prefer have quite similar definitions. Clearly we aren't in the AMD market for a gpu since he said CUDA cores are a must. I didn't misread anything you dolt.

Here's a good build. 8350, great for streaming, suggest you get 16gb of ram for working on editing and such, 670 for dem cuda cores, NZXT x60 has the best performance of all the closed loop liquid coolers, so even if I hate them this one's the best. I just threw in a random case for pricing ignore the one I put in there, find one you think looks good and has a spot for a dual 120mm radiator.

Logan has valid opinions but, Samsung, Crucial, and Intel make the best SSD's hand down. 8350's are great for streaming and are sexy as fuck for overclocking, ASUS makes good mobo's and I'd normally suggest a 7970 as an owner of one but if you're using programs that heavily utilize cuda cores then a 670 would be better for the job and still do great for games.

Would I be able to push a 8350 to 5.0-5.2 GHZ with a Kraken x60 or a h110i? Also i think i really like the ASUS Sabertooth 990FX

Here is what I cam up with. To include the 670 in the H220 loop, you will need to buy some 1/4" fittings and some tubing. You would need 2 fittings, which can be found for about $5.50 each - for an EK compression fitting, at least. You will only need, at most, 2 meters of tubing in case you really mess things up. The pump is more than powerful enough on the H220 to cool both the 8350 and the 670. You may want to get some nice fans, such as Scythe Gentle Typhoon 120mm, Noctua NF F12 120mm, or Corsair SP120mm, to put on the radiator of the H220, but the stock ones will work fine. 5.0gHz is ambitious, but you could easily hit 4.7 with this cooler. Hope i helped!



Brennan Riddell

EDIT: Here is a 7950 version of that:

I thought that you wrote CUDA cores were a must. :)

Wow tnx really nice build! love the case and the cooling solution :) 

Sony actually utilizes the cpu and you won't see more than 10% from the gpu. Only fools spend budget on a video card for video editing. Quicksync will roflstomp a gpu.


It's an easy decision. Do you want to stream and have your games looks decent (AMD) or do you want to do all of that while rendering video in the background (Intel)?

No problem :)

I have the big brother of the R4, the Fractal Design XL, and I love it! Great build quality, fantastic looks, and a very reasonable price.


Here's a basic build. You'll be able to game, stream and render at the same time. OBS is the best for streaming if it's a one pc setup. For streaming don't bother going over 720p if you want to maximize the amount of viewers that will be bale to watch your stream. Bitrate is what counts not a washed out 1080p stream. GL :D

Your build is nice but FX 8350 beats i7 3770k in streaming hands down...

If you plan to stream with games go with FX 8350, games use 2-4 cores mostly while rarely 6 core's so you have basicaly atleast 2 cores that can be used for streaming(compression/coding). i7 3770k beats in gaming FX 8350 by just a few frames but FX 8350 destroys i5 3570k and beats the i7 3770k in streaming... Its a fact. Yea.

The 8350 would beat the 3770k for streaming. Especially while OC'd. You don't need a large SSD and a 2TB HDD would be more than adequate enough. It can be argued if you want to save ~80-90$ that taking the 7950 over the 670. The 670 does beat the 7950 (not by much) and the 7950 wins in some games if it is OC'd (which it's almost meant to be).

" Im using Sony Vegas mainly so CUDA cores are not a must!" Read it again.

Holy fuck mate, well I feel retarded now. I totally missed the "not". I just kinda assumed if he was pointing out CUDA that he wanted it haha.

I agree, this looks like a great system for what you are looking for. The only thing is with a 3GB graphics card I would boost that power supply to a 750W. I use a 6300 with the same Gigabyte board and just love it. This is a serious contender for you needs.

Youd also need another 120mm Rad at minimum, a slim 240 wouldnt be able to handle the Oc temps of the CPU + a GPU