Gaming Setup

Basically bros i wanna know if this idea would work and some help with specs, list goes as follows
Best gaming PC possible
Video editing PC
Studying/work laptop (you guys give me some specs of the best one)

2-3 monitors for ps4 and xbox1

and a mic and stuff.

Also could you tell me the best mic and headset and the specifics of recording pc and xb1 and what editing software you guys recommend  

What kind of budget do you have?

the budget is roughly 10000 over a year for everything


Sorry, I meant what your budget was for each of the things you've listed. And did you mean a gaming/video editing PC or two separate builds?

probably 15000 everything all up and um i think both would run smoother but could you tell me one for both and then seperate

It would be redundant to have two seperate builds lol, this is what i figured out for you. Didn't include OS or case fans, and you're free to change up the case for your preference, just make sure it supports EATX motherboards for the Black Rampage.

cheers bro 
just a few question about setting up a xb1 or ps4 to a monitor what cord would you need?  

also would it be fine to switch the liquid cooler 

Yeah man, in the end it will; be your build lol. For the xb1 and Ps4, just HDMI cables, so the monitors you buy would have to have them, also invest in an HDMI switch since most monitors only have 1 port and switching out cables would be a hassle.