Gaming Rig

I was just wondering what you guys think of this rig, feel free to make suggestions.

It's hard to say if you don't say for what your system is and what your budget is. But i can say that the PSU is waaaay overpowered for this system. 750W would be enough with that gpus.

My budget is $2500 but I would like to keep it around two thousand. I will be gaming and protein folding on this rig if that is helpful, also I wont be doing any overclocking so that's not important.

Now you have even 2x 280x, a 480GB SSD and 2TB HDD for only 100 bucks more.

PS: This case comes with 3 fans so you needn't add more

Sorry this is the HDD I wanted to add to thus list:


290 is much better than 2x270 for high resolutions. A quality 650w is enough for 2 r9 270 and a 750 is enough for 2 290 in crossfire

As said before where possible get the fastest single GPU you can, in this case the 290/X will be far better than Crossfire 270x. Also is there an absolute need for 16BG of RAM? You could more than get by with 8GB of 1600MHZ  for gaming. If you game as much as I do 1TB will fill up reasonably quick, I have 2TB drive for games and nothing else and it is already at 1TB full.

Edit: Not overclocking? Would a Xeon CPU be a better option? Somebody else will have to fill you in. But you will not be using the iGPU so that is no needed either.