Gaming rig. Need advice on parts?

Here is a link to all the parts I have thought of. (I like the NZXT phantom, but if there's any part more worthwhile that will get me better fps, go right ahead and tell me to get a cheap ass case)

I'm from Australia, and the site I use to buy computer stuff is


I generally picked stuff based on their reviews. Thanks in advance, awesome people of Tek Syndicate.


Live long and prosper.



Also, which is better? 

G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600


Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600?

They are both exactly the same price.

I'd recomend upgrading the CPU to a 3570K so you can overclock better, which you should be able to do pretty well with the 212. As for a GPU you should look at a 7870 (if you haven't already), it's similarly priced and offers better performance on many occasions (but not all). This is a comparison bench for reference

I second the 7870 and 3570k recommendation.

Also may want to look at a radeon 7950 since it comes with an extra 2 games that you can either sell off to reduce your overall cost or keep to play.  Either way you end up with a much faster card.

Pick the ram that has the lower voltage, if they are both the same then it doesn't matter much, either are good.

Hello Faeros,


Both of the RAM are basicly the same. They both have the same speed, Latency and voltage. Its op to looks and heatsink compatibility now.




I've changed the build slightly. This is it now. 

Where do you get a radeon 7950 that comes with 2 games? I prefer to use and on there I couldn't find any that did.

New build:

One more thing. I changed the motherboard because the reviews were good, it looks better and lots of people have had experience with it. However, it seems to have more bits sticking out around the CPU socket, and I was wondering if that would interfere with the CPU cooler. Would it touch the motherboard?

It seems the card has to be purchased from an authorized retailer :(

Aus doesn't seem to even be on the list oh well sorry about that.

Do you think any of them would ship to Aus? I know some things on Amazon are available in US and Aus. Except freakin mousepads... Waited 4 months after ordering one for them to tell me it can't be sent to Australia...

I really want Far Cry 3 but I don't want to spend $70 on Steam for it haha

My first Tek Syndicate forum post :')