Gaming rig for ~1600

Hi guys,

I'm new here but I'm watching syndicate all the time on youtube. I'm in the phase of picking up part to buy for CyberMonday. This is my first rig I have designed so far:

My current concerns are:

1. I'm not sure about RAM and HDD types and manufactures, are my picks correct for price/capabilities ?

2. Do i need I7 for gaming (Intel Core i7-4770K)

3. Can u suggest some cuts or swaps in RAM/HDD/cooling to be able to get Intel Core i7-4770K ?

4. Do i need to order anything else besides parts specified in the link to get this PC together ?




1) Yes

2) Absolutely Not.

3) You could go NHD-15 and save $30 on cooling, and get 1TB blue instead of 2TB black - same performance, save about $60 bucks there.

4) Doesn't look like it!

To add to what Cathsy said

I'd skip the water cooling. A nice Noctua for $60-$80 will perform about the same. Maybe a few degrees warmer. It should also be quieter. That is what I would do. 

Also about the HDD. Personally I don't like going over 1TB. Reliability becomes an issue. Personally I would grab the 1TB WD Caviar Blue. Just as fast but cheaper. Slightly shorter warranty but I've had good luck with them. I also prefer the Samsung 840 Evo. 

Trust me you really don't need the i7. It is only faster in things like video editing and the like. But really if you aren't doing much of that then the i5 will be plenty. If you must get the i7 don't get the 4770k. Get the 4790k. Newer Devils Canyon Haswell. Higher clock speeds and runs cooler. Apparently OCs better as well. 

You might be able to find cheaper RAM too. Maybe like $10 cheaper. Speed really doesn't matter. Especially in games. 

might just be me, but i do not see 850W as being necessary for this kind of build unless you have plans to add a second 980 later. 4690K will be fine for gaming. drive space is like my setup. 240ish GB ssd with 2TB hdd. i would also say that the AIO isnt 100% necessary

Don't even need an 850w, 750w is more than enough for dual 980s and I bet one could get away with 650w. Probably not worth risking 650w though.

rockking -> Thanks! Yes 850W is for futher updates when 980 slows down :) Is it enough if i want to add another 980 later on ?


Cathsy -> I need a storage capacity that is why i pick 2TB. What do i gain from 1TB blue instead of 2TB black ?

Do you say Noctua NH-D15 82.5 CFM CPU Cooler will be quiter then my pick ? I though water cooling is best solution and this rig has to be quiet as a mouse.

DerKrieger -> thanks this will be gaming/streaming rig but no much video editing.


I would recommend these changes .... much better

this PS is able to carry SLI 980 ? what would you recommend more future prove?

Why this Motherboard and not mine pick ?

SLI GTX 980s would use a minimum 850w PSU from Seasonic or XFX or Corsair 80+ bronze or better

and yes the Asus IMO is better than the Asrock mobo 

and the Noctua air cooler is the best air cooler sold ... quieter than water cooling

what I was wondering to use 

Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive

instead of this WD, this is 50$ cheaper. What about performance ?


what about

Cooler Master RS850-AFBAG1-US


Corsair RM850 Gold

will those PSes fit in.

I'm fairly sure you can put 4 GTX 980s all under a single 850 or good 750w power supply.  That's how efficient they are.

Did a double check online; my memory is correct.,4.html

Nothing wrong with that Seagate drive.  WD Blacks tend to be more reliable/top of the line stuff, hence their 5 year warranty.  Try searching for WD Blues or Hitachi Deskstars.

The Cooler Master V850 is a great power supply.  I would take that over Corsair's RM850 due to better quality components.  However, 850w is likely way overkill.  How many GPUs do you intend to put in this system?

850w is enough for 4 way SLI for the GTX 980s - they're pretty damn power efficient.  I suggest putting only a maximum of two in total since SLI scaling drops off significantly after that.  With two GTX 980s and everything(including CPU) overclocked, I'd expect a maximum of maybe 550-600w power draw.

1TB is cheaper than 2TB.  If you need 2TB, then go for 2TB.  I recommend WD Blues, WD Blacks(if you have the budget), and Hitachi Deskstars.

Noctua NH-D15 will be indeed quieter.  Contrary to popular conception, water coolers are often louder than high end air coolers.  You have your fans - which are usually loud and need to be replaced if you want a quiet system.  You also have a pump - which is a source of noise as well.  Rarely is a pump ever 100% quiet.  Noctua is known for great cooling and amazing acoustics, and their Noctua NH-D15 can match many 240mm coolers while being whisper quiet.


thats the HDD i have in my system is the barracude 2tb. been running pretty much 24/7 for about a year and half now and still works fine.

This would be that build altogether.

I would like to be prepared for future to add second 980 in a year or two that is why 850.

should I consider any additional fans in this build ?

I have seen sometimes there are fans mounted in the top. What would that be in my case?

with 850W you can add more 980s than your board could actually handle

Yeah it'd be overkill, although Maxwell tends to have great overclocking capabilities, so if you plan to overclock keep power consumption in mind.

so what PS i need if i am planning to add 980 x2 later on?

I'd do this just for peace of mind...

it's still overkill, but SeaSonic makes the best PSU on the market and for a semi-modular/80+ gold rated PSU, for $80, you REALLY can't beat that

is gf980 really worth it ? or gf970 would be enough ?