Gaming Rig Build in NYC

I was wondering any good stores in the NYC Manhatttan Area to buy quality parts for my next gaming rig thanks!

Newegg is where its at man, if you got a prefrence and a budget then I got a list

Where its is located ? I ment walk in stores

Yeah man great im looking maybe at a 1000 dollars budget  excluding the case , and maybe better with AMD because intel is quite expensive and im not sure its all that worth it for a gaming rig ( what do you think) also im not decided on ATI or Nvidia for the Video Card( Any sugestions )

online store like tiger direct, except better in every single way possible, I've heard mixed things about micro center but I've yet to see some one build a faster rig for the same price, or a rig just as fast cheaper than me and I only use newegg

I'll post a $1000 rig with some benchmark charts, intel is actually not as expensive as you might think, they currently hold the price/perfomance ratio at the moment

do you have a case in mind?

if not I can recommend a few

great im gonna have it on consideration, great im gonna look into micro center as whell thanks. Can you poste here the link to the 1000 rig. What kind of intel processor can i get with a 1000 dollar rig..


a 2500K or 3570K, I would have it done by now but I have had like 5 of these build threads and trying to get MGS HD collection onto my PS3

im gonna look onto those processors....thansk a lot